2016-02-18 – EPA – AAA Trailer Services Investigation

2016-02-18 - EPA - AAA Trailer Services Investigation

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From: Mahler, Tom
Sent: Thur 2/18/2016 9:25:17 PM
Subject: AAA Trailer Investigation
Hey Paul,
I just wanted to send you a summary of what we just discussed. MDNR and I met with John
O’Brien from AAA Trailer Services today. While there, MDNR provided John a summary table
of the analytical data from their November 2015 vicinity sampling event. I then explained that
EPA had an interest in further investigation occurring on the uncovered soil areas of AAA
Trailer services between their gravel parking lot and the West Lake Landfill Fence. I told him
that this investigation would involve conducting telemeterized gamma scanning and
confirmation surface soil sampling. I told him that the West Lake Responsible Parties’
Representative would be contacting him soon to obtain permission to have access to the property
to perform this investigation. I also mentioned you would likely send a form that would need to
be signed for this access. I told John he would be contacted at a minimum by the end of next
work week (February 26th)but likely sooner. He is ready and waiting to be contacted.
John also mentioned that he would prefer if possible for the investigation to occur on the
weekend when there would be less impacts to their day to day business. John said that he could
provide access to whatever parts of the property need investigation over the weekend.
Let me know if there are any questions,
Tom Mahler
On-Scene Coordinator
US EPA Region 7
WLLFOIA4312 – 001 – 0015853