2016-02-09 – EPA – Desk Statement and Update on West Lake Landfill Superfund Site Actions

2016-02-09 - EPA - Desk Statement and Update on West Lake Landfill Superfund Site Actions

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Darryl Fears, Staff Writer Washington Post
1. Follow-ups with reporter
2. Desk Statement and Update provided to reporter
1. Follow-ups with reporter:
2. 02-09-2016 Desk Statement & Update on West Lake Landfill Superfund Site Actions
EPA is committed to working with the State of Missouri, as well as our federal partners with the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Geological Survey to implement a final remedy and other actions
to protect public health at the West Lake Landfill Superfund Site in Bridgeton, Mo.
Staff from EPA headquarters and Region 7 have met with the Just Moms STL members in person and
by phone, most recently this past Friday. We are in frequent contact to both listen to concerns and share
updates on progress at the site. We remain focused on numerous immediate and long-term actions
required to protect the community from the radioactive wastes contained at the West Lake Landfill in
Bridgeton, MO.
Our current priorities include:
Final Proposed Remedy
• EPA negotiated and finalized a modified Administrative Order on Consent Scope of Work
modification with the Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) in December 2015.
• PRPs will deliver a Remedial Investigation Addendum and subsequent Final Feasibility Study
for EPA’s review and approval this fall.
• Once the FFS is approved, EPA will finalize our evaluation of the 2008 remedy decision and
WLLFOIA4312 – 001 – 0001739
issue a draft final remedy for public review and comment.
Isolation Barrier Determination
• At the end of 2015, EPA announced its decision to require the installation of an isolation barrier,
along with other engineering measures, to ensure radiologically impacted material remains
separated from the subsurface smoldering event currently occurring in the adjacent Bridgeton
• EPA Region 7 made this decision with technical support from our Office of Research and
Development, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and in consultation with the Missouri
Department of Natural Resources and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
throughout the fall and winter of 2015.
• Next Actions: EPA is negotiating the technical and legal details with the PRPs to perform this
work pursuant to an enforceable schedule. The state of Missouri continues its actions with the
owner of the Bridgeton Landfill to control the subsurface smoldering event and emissions.
Groundwater Investigations (new Operable Unit)
• EPA intends to investigate and address groundwater under a new Operable Unit (OU3). In late
2015 and January 2016, EPA had multiple discussions with the State of Missouri about future
groundwater work. Next Actions: EPA, with technical support from the U.S. Geological Survey,
is developing the scope of additional groundwater investigations to fully characterize the nature
and extent of contamination related to the site.
Surface Fire Unilateral Administrative Order for Removal Acton
• EPA issued a Unilateral Administrative Order (UAO) on December 9, 2015, for a time-critical
removal action to mitigate surface fire risks.
• The UAO requires the PRPs to:
o implement engineering measures to mitigate the risk of a surface fire within the boundary
of the West Lake Landfill site coming in contact with radiologically impacted material
(RIM) at or near the surface, and
o develop an incident management plan that will be used to coordinate with local
emergency responders.
• Next Actions: Work at the site begins the week of Feb. 8-12 and is expected to be completed
later in the spring of 2016. The PRPs provided EPA with a draft work plan and supporting
documents for constrnction of a non-combustible cover and an incident management plan. EPA
is currently reviewing these documents. A final report will be made available to the public.
Dialogue Framework
• EPA desires a more inclusive, transparent and fact-based dialogue with the community so we
have contracted with neutral facilitators Cindy Cook and Dain Maddox of Adamant Accord.
They have spoken with community members during this past week and continue to meet with
them in-person in St. Louis this week. These facilitators have substantial experience in
facilitating respectful and substantive dialogue regarding complex environmental issues. After
meeting with community members, they will report their findings at a meeting in St. Louis at the
end of Febrnary and then develop a framework for continued dialogue with this diverse group of
community members and leaders and EPA Region 7 staff.
WLLFOIA4312 – 001 – 0001740
WLLFOIA4312 – 001 – 0001741