2016-01-26 – EPA – West Lake Landfill – EPA discussion of property assurance around West Lake Landfill


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Peterson, Mary[Peterson. [email protected]]
Brincks, Mike
Tue 1/26/2016 11:04:23 PM
Re: Notes from Just Moms meeting
So an anti-stigma guarantee
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On Jan 26, 2016, at 5:00PM, Peterson, Mary wrote:
No. It means a guarantee that they can sell their property -basically it’s an assurance of
sustained property value.
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From: Peterson, Mary
Sent: Monday, January 25, 2016 12:07 PM
To: Hague, Mark Brincks, Mike
Cc: Carey, Curtis
Subject: Notes from Just Moms meeting
Mark, Mike, and Curtis,
We received the notes pasted below from Mike Zlatic with St. Louis County Health
Dept. I have highlighted a few areas for your awareness.
WeO 1/21/16 JustMOMSstl meeting (03/17 /16 next meeting – may be changed due to
St. Patrick’s Day)
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0056269
6:35P Karen
No prayer; recognized elected officials
Reminder to report odors to MDNR
6:38P Karen
Upcoming events
West Lake CAG 02/08/16
FUSRAP Oversight 02/17/16
Saturday 02/20/16 STLCC Wildwood
Community organizer to support Moms is to be recruited by, and funded by,
Lois Gibbs’s organization CHEJ
February 8-10 Mom’s trip to DC (funded by gofundme) to pursue status of
6:44P Dawn
Update on congressional legislation- keep up the pressure with daily phone calls. Bill
Otto explained the legislative process, i.e., those who introduced the bill must push the
bill or it won’t go anywhere.
6:48P Dawn
West Lake/Bridgeton history recap
6:57P Dawn
Alvarez report
Largest deposit of Thorium in the world at West Lake.
More uranium at West Lake than at a site where uranium is mined.
Pb210 …
Because Republic requested change of venue to federal court, March court date will
probably not occur.
There is documented contamination offsite from West Lake.
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0056270
St. Louis County will need to play a bigger role depending on the …
7:08P Dawn/Karen
Senator Maria Chapelle-Nadal’s ‘buyout’ bill. Testimony next week in
Jefferson City.
7:11P Christen Commuso “Humans of West Lake Landfill” (see attached handout)
Human interest stories- wants more testimonies.
7:15P Dawn
Dr. Khan canceled his appearance tonight but Dawn, Karen, and Harvey have
a meeting with him next week.
7: 17P Karen/Dawn Q&A
Why weren’t yards around Coldwater Creek tested before now?
A: USACE follows the creek, cleans up what they find, then test further
downstream. Request to lobby congressionals to increase FUSRAP funding.
Attend upcoming County Council meeting to support transfer to FUSRAP and
for Dr. Khan to expand (not explained) his health survey.
Comment about necessity to test soil that is being farmed.
Comment about not knowing what to do if/when the ‘landfill blows’.
Comment that the President is immediately involved in Flint MI, but not
West Lake/Bridgeton.
A: Matt Lavanchy explained that alpha emitter needs to be ingested or inhaled,
effects are long term, and different persons respond differently. This will not be a
catastrophic explosion, if the ‘fire’ reaches the RIM (and it has not advanced in the last
year or so). But, we do need a physical barrier.
When do we go to the United Nations to investigate EPA?
A: Dawn urged people to ‘get angry’.
Testing water supply?
A: Drew, representative of Alliance Water, water supplier at/around WSSRAP
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0056271
(Weldon Springs): Won’t see effects of this for ~5 years. Radiation doesn’t leave
water. Review your Consumer Confidence reports from your water supplier.
A: Karen reUnited Nations investigation- Lois Gibbs working on this.
Is the area being monitored?
A: Matt Lavanchy explained that monitoring occurs 24/7. 250,000 tons of S02
left the site in 2013(?). Report odors as soon as you smell them. Radiation in a smoke
plume is not a concern. Shelter in place is a temporary measure.
Comment: Make sure the doctors in the area are informed.
Is vegetation moved offsite?
A: Dawn “not yet” and don’t know where the vegetation will be disposed.
Matt explained that the vegetation will be ground up, placed on site, and
covered with road base.
7:57P Howard? Had been nmning for Bill Otto’s seat but is dropping out and
supporting his opponent, Byron DeLear(?).
Byron thanked him.
8:00P Is the science (facts) available online?
8:01P “Safe Side of the Fence” will be shown on 02/23/16 at a church in Ferguson (see
attached handout)
8:02P Karen looking for 5 persons to write op eds to newspapers.
Looking for someone to track political fundraisers.
8:06P Drew (Alliance Water) started ….
8:08P Karen reiterated WSMOMSstl 3 goals (Buyout within 1 mile, Property
assurance within 3? Miles, Transfer from EPA Superfund to USACE FUSRAP)
8:09P Adjourn

WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0056272
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0056273