2015 – EPA – USACE – West Lake Landfill – Communication Summary for St. Louis District FUSRAP


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Key Messages:
Key Stakeholders~
Congressional, public, community
groups, state and federal agencies.
Communication Goal:
Communicate the authority, missions and status of the
USAGE St. Louis FUSRAP Program
1. Public Health: FUSRAP protects public health and the environment by removing low-level radioactive contamination generated by activities of the
Manhattan Engineer District and the Atomic Energy Commission (MED/AEC) during the early atomic weapons program in the 1940s and 1950s.
2. FUSRAP has moved more than 1 million cubic yards of contaminated materials since USAGE took on the mission, and maintains an outstanding safety
record (4,288 days without injury.)
3. FUSRAP’s objectives are to protect public health, execute the approved alternative for cleaning up the radioactive contamination above health-based
cleanup guidelines, and minimize adverse effects on area business operations.
Key Talking Points:
Mission: USAGE St. Louis District, is conducting a radiological cleanup program for four Missouri sites (SLDS, SLAPS, SLAPS VPs, HISS).
These sites contain soils contaminated with radium, thorium, and uranium as a result of activities associated with the Manhattan Engineer
District/Atomic Energy Commission during the nation’s early atomic program in the 1940s and 50s.
Authority: Congress transferred execution of FUSRAP to USAGE, in the 1998 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill. Prior to this bill, FUSRAP
had been managed by the U.S. Department of Energy.
Sites: The complete list of active St. Louis area FUSRAP projects includes:
St. Louis Downtown Sites (SLDS, the Mallinckrodt plant areas and adjacent properties), St. Louis Airport Properties (SLAPS … completed in
FYO?), SLAPS Vicinity Properties, Latty Avenue Properties (HISS, Futura and adjacent properties) Also in the District FUSRAP Program is the
Iowa Army Ammunition Plant.
Madison Site, in Madison, IL, remediation was completed in 2000 and following the 2 year monitoring period, was removed from the list of active
FUSRAP sites in 2002.
Progress: In FY13, 28,500 cubic yards of contaminated material were shipped from the St. Louis FUSRAP sites to an out-of-state, licensed and
permitted disposal facility.
Completion: Tentative dates for completion are 2017-2019 timeframe. Completion dates depend upon future funding levels which are uncertain.
Public Involvement: The St. Louis Oversight Committee is an independent group of community leaders which serve in consultative and
participatory roles with the cleanup of the St. Louis FUSRAP Sites.
As a consultant, the Committee provides comments, recommendations, and community feedback for USAGE in its efforts to clean up these sites.
The Oversight Committee hosts public meetings semiannually, with FUSRAP and other state, local and federal agencies (EPA, Missouri Health
and Senior Services, MO DNR).
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