2015-12-31 – EPA – West Lake Landfill – Region 7 Priorities


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BY 12/31/15
Hire and deploy new staff earned by VERA/VSIP effort
Reinvigorate Region 7 training and mentoring to sustain high performing staff
LEAN/Process Excellence delivering measurable improvements that encourage agencywide
Restore summer student hiring as pipeline opportunity to fulfill diversity and inclusion
goals developed by Diversity Leadership Council
Focus appropriate regional resources to implement Administrator’s cross-cutting
strategies: HPO, sustainability, partnerships, communities
With Clean Power Plan rule finalized, aggressive assistance underway to state partners
developing carbon-reduction plans
Omaha Lead Site (agency’s largest urban Superfund site) remedial effort completed with
resources set aside to fund future local remediation efforts of “holdout” properties
SC2 (multi-agency, EPA lead) in StLouis fully engaged on projects reflecting City
objectives and federal partnership’s joint work plan
Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy stakeholders committed to monitoring and
measurement plan that encourages land-management practices delivering greatest N and
P cuts in priority watersheds
Yard cleanups in Missouri’s Old Lead Belt (St. Francois County) well underway owing
to resolution of PRP litigation
West Lake Landfill Superfund Site (metro St. Louis) waste characterization completed
and draft ROD development well underway
EPA/Corps Clean Water Rule (WOTUS) being implemented with robust public outreach
Regional enforcement priorities well defined, aligned with national enforcement
initiatives, and informed by EJ Screen
Superfund Division Director hired, completing senior staff team
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0055633
BY 1/15/17
Iowa environmental agency having fulfilled workplan to strengthen CAFO
permitting/inspection/enforcement, Clean Water Act de-delegation petition dismissed
Community initiatives identified in 2014-15 well established, with measurable benefits
Working in partnership with states to implement first generation of Clean Power Plans
EJ considerations solidly integrated into all regional work, including partnership support
of state permits and enforcement
Inspection/enforcement initiatives using data analytics fully engaged: fuel/chemical
storage/handling near drinking-water sources; small community food-manufacturing
facilities with chemical release potential and industrial pre-treatment discharges
Emergency response capabilities well synchronized with first responders and state/federal
partners to support prompt, effective control and public-protection efforts: Region 7
underlain by thousands of miles of fuel/chemical pipelines, criss-crossed by thousands of
rail miles, bounded by key industrial-freight waterway (Mississippi/Missouri/Ohio
Final ROD for Waste Lake Landfill Site (metro St. Louis) approved following robust
public comment
Regional career staff sincerely thanked for having made this Regional Administrator’s
seven years successful, fulfilling, and life-altering and Acting RA and his entire team
ready to welcome new RA
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0055634