2015-10-20 – EPA – West Lake – Daily Digest for October 20th

2015-10-20 - EPA - West Lake - Daily Digest for October 20th

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OPA Daily Digest for 10/20/15
Upcoming EPA Region 7 Events by Division
* New additions noted with an asterisk
10/27/15- Courtesy Visit with Rob Manes and John Cougher, The Nature Conservancy, Regional Office.
Contact: Julia Cacho, 7071
10/29/15- Regional Recognition Ceremony, Regional Office. Contact: Monica Espinosa, 7541
11/2/15- Regional Tribal Operations Committee Meeting, Sloan, Iowa. Contact: Patrick Bustos, 7969
11/10/15- Meeting with GSA Region 6 Administrator on Executive Order requirement for EPA/GSA
climate change program development through Federal Executive Board, Regional Office. Contact: Chris
Taylor, 7736
11/12/15- National Association of Farm Broadcasters Convention, Kansas City, Mo. Contact: Kris
Lancaster, 7557
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0058148
11/30/15- Process Excellence Improvement Training, Des Moines, Iowa. Contact: Jonathan Cooper,
12/8-9/15- Four State Directors Meeting, Regional Office. Contact: Dick Sumpter, 7661
10/27/15- Courtesy Visit with Rob Manes and John Cougher, The Nature Conservancy, Regional Office.
Contact: Julia Cacho, 7071
11/17-18/15- Executive Management Council Meeting, Washington D.C. Contact: Dana Peters, 7444
12/8-9/15- Four State Directors Meeting, Regional Office. Contact: Dick Sumpter, 7661
10/29/15- Regional Recognition Ceremony, Regional Office, Contact: Monica Espinosa, 7541
11/10/15- Meeting with GSA Region 6 Administrator on Executive Order requirement for EPA/GSA
climate change program development through Federal Executive Board, Regional Office. Contact: Chris
Taylor, 7736
RA/Immediate Office
Other Events
10/20/15- Central States Air Resources Assoc. (CenSARA) meeting, Lincoln, Neb. Contacts: Mike Jay,
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0058149
10/20/15- Energy & Environment Policy Forum, Kansas City, Missouri. Contact: Craig Bernstein, 7688
10/26/15- Clean Harbors permit public information session, Kimball, Neb. Contact: Ken Herstowski, 7631
10/28/15- Nebraska Power Summit to discuss Clean Power Plan, Lincoln, Neb. Contact: Mark Smith,
10/29/15- Iowa Emergency Response Commission meeting, Des Moines, Iowa. Contact: Pat Reitz, 7674
11/2/15- Regional Tribal Operations Committee, “Air Matters: Healthy Homes Kit” presentation, Sloan,
Iowa (Winnebago Tribe), Gina Grier, 7078
11/3-4/15- Iowa Energy Summit, Altoona, Iowa. Staffing ENERGY STAR display. Contact: Craig
Bernstein 7688
11/4-5/15- RCRA division directors meeting, Washington, DC. Contact: Becky Weber, 7487
10/23/15- Iowa Bar Association Annual Meeting, Des Moines, EPA Update (general update on hot
issues, legal developments, and priorities). Contact: David Cozad, 7587
10/27/15- St. Louis Area Safety Council, EPA Update, St. Louis, Mo. Contact: David Cozad, 7587
11/18-19/15- MDNR Integrated Compliance Information System-National Pollutant Discharge
Elimination System (ICIS-NPDES) HQ Training, Jefferson City, Mo. Contact: Neal Gilbert, 7985
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0058150
10/22-23/15- MESB nutrient sampling field work on UMR, Missouri River and major tributaries. Contact:
Larry Shepard, x7441 and Gary Welker, x7177.
10/27/15- Corps Annual Operating Plan meeting for 2016 AOP in Corps office near Smithville Lake. AOP
is yearly plan implementing the Corps Master Control Water Plan for Mo River System (reservoir
releases). Contact: Larry Shepard, 7441.
10/30/15- Corps Missouri River Bed Loss Feasibility Study/EIS Stakeholders meeting at MARC (9:00 to
11). Contact: Larry Shepard, x7441.
11/16-20/15- Quality Assurance Training at Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Des Moines, Iowa.
Contact: Diane Harris, 7258
*10/20/15- Meeting with Metropolitan Area-Wide Planning Agency, Omaha, NE: contact: Jennifer Morris,
*10/20/15- Nebraska Brownfields Resource Conference, Lincoln, NE: contact: Jennifer Morris, x7341
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0058151
*10/19-21/15- Federal Facilities Leadership Conference, Washington, DC: contact Jeff Field, x7548
*10/21-22/15- Meeting with Upper Mississippi River Spills Group, Davenport, Iowa: contact Joe Davis,
*10/22-23/15- Iowa Hazmat Symposium, Ames, Iowa: contact: Doug Ferguson, x7221
*10/26-29/15- National Response Team Meeting, St. Louis, MO: contact Scott Hayes, x7670
10/29/15- National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, a public meeting will be held to announce the
award of a HUD Lead Hazard Control grant and to celebrate the transition of the Omaha Lead site from
EPA-lead to Local-lead. Key HUD officials participating in the meeting are Michelle Miller, Asst. Deputy
Director, Shannon Steinbauer and two local HUD staff. Omaha, Neb. Contact: Steve Kemp, 7194
*11/1-4/15- Superfund Director’s Meeting, Washington DC: contact Mary Peterson, x7882
10/19-23/15- National Association of State Drinking Water Administrators meeting, Fort Worth, Tex.
Contacts: Mary Mindrup, 7431, Neftali Hernandez-Santiago, 7036, Gabrielle Thompson, 7569
10/20-23/15- EPA Region 5 Pretreatment Training Workshop, Chicago, Ill. Contacts: Paul Marshall,
7419, Seth Draper, 7080
10/21/15- Renovation Repair and Painting Update Presentation, Cape Girardeau County Board of
Realtors, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Contact: Tom Brick, 7913
10/21/15- Renovation Repair and Painting Update Presentation, Painting and Decorating Contractors of
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0058152
America National Webinar, Maryland Heights, Mo. Contact: Tom Brick, 7913
10/23/15- Speak at Iowa State Bar Association, Des Moines, Iowa. Contact: Karen Flournoy, 7782
10/27-29/15- EPA National Drinking Water Direct Implementation Meeting, Las Vegas, Nev. Contact:
Kim Burr, 7069
11/2-3/15- Hypoxia Task Force Meeting, Washington, DC. Contact: Karen Flournoy, 7782
11/4-6/15- EPA Water Division Directors Meeting, Atlanta, Ga. Contact: Karen Flournoy, 7782
11/12/15- Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) Climate Resilience Workshop, Kansas City, Mo.
Contacts: Amy Shields, 7396, Roberta Vogei-Leutung, 7072
11/18-19/15- Kansas Governor’s Conference on the Future of Water in Kansas, Manhattan, Kan.
Contact: Amy Shields, 7396
Congressional Inquiries:
Rep. Jason Smith (Mo.)- 10/6/15- Email- Questions about EPA’s fine to Crystal City for a sewage
leak. Due: 10/9/15. Contact: LaTonya Sanders, 7555 (open)
State Government Inquiries:
Press Inquiries:
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0058153
Inside EPA- Bridget DiCosmo- 8/3/15 – Requesting interview with Acting Regional Administrator Mark
Hague on EPA’s e-enterprise efforts. Contact: Chris Whitley, 7394 (open)
KETC Channel 9 Public Television, St. Louis – Brenda Madden Kimberlin – 9/23/15 – Questions about
Carter Carburetor Superfund Site in St. Louis. Contact: Chris Whitley, 7394 (closed)
KMUW St. Louis Public Radio- Veronique LeCapra- 10/14/15- Questions about Westlake Landfill
and emergency response plan. Contact: Curtis Carey, 7506 (open)
Wall Street Journal -John Emshwiller- 10/16/15 – Questions about the West Lake Landfill. Contact:
Chris Whitley, 7394 (open)
KWMU St. Louis Public Radio- Veronique LaCapra -10/16/15- Questions about the West Lake
Landfill. Contact: Ben Washburn, 7364 (closed)
KSDK Channel 5 St. Louis- Mary Ann Martinez- 10/16/15- Questions about the West Lake Landfill.
Contact: Ben Washburn, 7364 (open)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch – Jacob Barker- 1 0/16/15 – Questions about the West Lake Landfill. Contact:
Ben Washburn, 7364 (closed)
Press Releases:
Fact Sheets:
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0058154
Environmental Stories:
Los Angeles Times – Officials squabble as underground fire burns near radioactive waste dump in
St. Louis area- 10/20/15- A fire is smoldering beneath a landfill in a densely populated suburb of St.
Louis- and it has been there for five years. Underground landfill fires, or “smoldering events” as some
officials call them, aren’t rare. What makes the fire at the landfill in Bridgeton, Mo., so unusual is that it’s
less than a quarter of a mile from a large deposit of nuclear waste- with no barrier in its way.
Waste360 -The Bridgeton Landfill Fire Explained- 10/20/15- In recent weeks, there’s been a flurry of
stories and reports about the Bridgeton (Mo.) Sanitary Landfill. An underground fire has smoldered on the
site for more than five years, which is of concern because of radioactive waste that was buried on the site
illegally in 1973.
Lake News Online – Missouri among 20 other states challenging EPA’s Clean Power Plan –
10/20/15 – Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster recently announced the state would be joining 22
others in challenging the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, arguing the plan exceeds the federal agency’s
authority that set strict limits on carbon emissions for each state.
Topeka Capital-Journal – Meeting to discuss Clean Power Plan – 10/20/15 -An informational briefing
on the federally mandated Clean Power Plan is scheduled for 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 4, at the
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Topeka, 4775 S.W. 21st.
Neosho Daily News – BILL REI BOLDT: Maybe it’s time to investigate EPA- 10/19/15 – Multi-state
opposition has been building against the Obama Administration’s recent EPA rulings on water and
energy. Several states have joined together in lawsuits to challenge the controversial Waters of the
United States (WOTUS) and the Clean Power Plan (CPP).
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0058155
E&E Publishing -State regulators, utilities see advantages in mass-based approach to EPA rule-
10/20/15- U.S. EPA’s draft Clean Power Plan prompted concerns last year about a “dash to gas”– a
wide-scale, costly build-out of natural-gas-fired generation to replace retiring coal plants.
KWWL-TV Ch. 7- Waterloo consent agreement passes in alleged EPA violations -10/20/15- You
can expect to pay more in sewer usage taxes in the near future if you live in Waterloo. The city of
Waterloo is accused of violating the federal Clean Water Act, specifically in regards to sewage overflow,
and now it has to pay millions of dollars.
Associated Press – Monitors arrive after radioactive waste site fire in Nevada – 10/20/15 – Radiation
wasn’t immediately detected during fly-overs of a burned trench containing long-buried radioactive waste
at a commercial disposal site in rural southern Nevada, state and federal officials said Monday.
Fox News – GOP senator rips EPA, White House for skipping climate hearing- 10/19/15 -A top
Republican senator is crying foul after the Environmental Protection Agency and a key White House office
declined to take part in an upcoming hearing on the administration’s role in international climate
negotiations, ahead of a landmark conference in Paris next month.
DeSmog (blog)- EPA Coal Ash Regulations Take Effect Today, But Battle Continues- 10/20/15-
Until the Tennessee Valley Authority’s coal ash disaster shoved homes from their foundations in the
middle of the night in Dec. 2008, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, bending to pressure from
industry, allowed coal plants to self-monitor coal ash waste.
Daily Caller – Trump Vows To Cut ‘Disgraceful’ EPA- 10/20/15 – Republican presidential candidate
Donald Trump is vowing to take a hatchet to the federal government if elected, putting the Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) in his crosshairs.
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0058156
Hoosier Ag Today – EPA Under Investigation Over RFS Data – 10/20/15 -The Environmental
Protection Agency’s internal watchdog is launching an investigation into the agency’s analysis of the
climate impacts of biofuels, according to Agri Pulse. In a letter posted on its website, EPA’s Office of
Inspector General said it “plans to begin preliminary research” to determine whether EPA has properly
accounted for the full greenhouse gas emissions of biofuels.
RTO Insider- Former EPA Official: Clean Power Plan won’t Survive- 10/20/15- Former
Environmental Protection Agency official Jeff Holmstead says he hasn’t made predictions on how the
courts will rule on previous environmental rules affecting the electric industry.
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier -Waterloo City Council approves EPA consent decree- 10/20/15 –
City Council members have agreed to pay a $272,000 fine and make sewer improvements to resolve
claims brought by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Native American Times – New EPA Grant Accelerates Quapaw Tribe’s Tar Creek Superfund CleanUp-
10/20/15- No group of people was hurt worse by the environmental tragedy of Tar Creek than the
Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma. And until now no group has done more to clean up the mess left behind from
decades of lead and zinc mining. Recent events have greatly accelerated the clean-up process and
delivered a realization, for the first time, that this 40-square-miles of devastation can be restored and put
to good use.
Counterpunch – The Fire This Time in Ferguson – 10/20/15 – The legacy of the World War II effort to
build the atom bomb is haunting the present and may still be wreaking destruction more than 70 years
after two bombs killed hundreds of thousands in Japan. This time the target is in the middle of the United
Farm Futures -Read the fine print in EPA’s farm data case- 10/20/15- EPA won a legal decision in
Washington, D.C., on Sept. 29, which has been advertised as a victory for U.S. Farmers and Ranchers
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0058157
trying to protect private, personal, and financial records regarding their Concentrated Animal Feeding
Operations. I have some qualms about the case after reading the court decision.
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier – Settlement clears way for fire rubble removal – 10/20/15 – City
leaders chose expediency over cost in cleaning up the fire-damaged remnants of a former clothing store.
North Platte Telegraph – Keystone XL opponents push to overturn pipeline law- 10/20/15 –
Nebraska landowners who oppose the Keystone XL pipeline are still trying to overturn a state law that
allowed the governor to approve the project route, even though pipeline developer TransCanada is no
longer relying on it.
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0058158