2015-10-19 – EPA – West Lake Landfill – Mark Hague notes for call with Mathy Stanislaus


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Stoy, Alyse[[email protected]]; Peterson, Mary[[email protected]]
Juett, Lynn
Mon 10/19/2015 3:50:03 PM
Notes for Mark’s Call with Mathy
Upcoming Activities
• October 23, 2016 – Bridgeton Landfill’s Expert Reports Due Date
• October 26, 2015 – CAG Meeting in St Louis
• October 26, 2015 Week- Congressional and Community Outreach by Acting RA
• November 13, 2015- Goal for completing negotiations on Addition Work and AOC
Modifications -which will provide an enforceable schedule for Final Feasibility
• December 3, 2015- Goal for Announcement of Isolation Barrier Decision
Recent Community Concerns
Relocation: Over the past year, Lois Gibbs, Center for Health and Environmental
Justice, and Just Moms StLouis have asked EPA in writing to relocate residents within
a two-mile radius of the Site, payment of “property assurance” presumably to
compensate for loss of property value within a five-mile radius and establishment of a
health clinic. Initially these concerns were directed at potential exposure to RIM and
movement of the SSE. Then in early 2015, Bridgeton Landfill discovered potential
excessive S02 emissions from one of its landfill gas flares, which added to the
community’s concerns regarding their health. EPA has performed environmental
sampling at the West Lake Landfill site over the years, including air monitoring within the
community this past year, all of which have not shown evidence of releases from the
site that could pose an unacceptable risk to the community. EPA has informed the
community that we have determined that the conditions at the Site do not warrant
consideration of temporary or permanent relocation as a CERCLA response action at
this time.
‘–“–”–”–”–”–‘RIM- All data collected and reviewed by EPA supports the conclusion that
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0056383
RIM has not migrated off-site in soils or via air. (Further groundwater investigation is
being planned, but the nearby communities are all hooked up to public drinking water
c__jc__jl_jc__jc__jc__j SSE – Based on the available scientific data evaluated to date by our experts,
the data do not conclusively support a scenario where the SSE will encounter the
RIM. To date, reviews of the data have not indicated advancement of the SSE beyond
the neck area of the Bridgeton Landfill. The radiological waste at West Lake Landfill is not
capable under any circumstance of producing a sustained chain reaction (fission or fusion) that is capable
of producing a nuclear reaction or “meltdown” as seen at the Chemobyl and more recently Fukushima
power plants. In the unlikely event the SSE should come into contact with the RIM, EPA
does not believe that the RIM will become explosive in the presence of heat. We do
anticipate an localized increases of radon gas escaping into the atmosphere.
State of Emergency: On September 4, the Attorney General released reports from its
experts who will testify in the upcoming hearing (currently scheduled for March 2016) in
the AG’s lawsuit against Bridgeton Landfill. These reports and the accompanying press
release made the following statements. Based upon the information and conclusions
contained in these reports, the community has repeated its requests for relocation as
well as circulated a petition for the governor to declare a state of emergency.
o RIM has migrated off-site through groundwater and airborne particulate matter
(based on their phytoforensics testing),
o The SSE is moving towards the RIM and could make contact in a matter of 3 – 5
months, and
o Groundwater is contaminated.
EPA has publically stated that we strongly disagree with these conclusions. Also, on
October 16, 2015, Republic Services released an excerpt from their deposition of one of
the AG’s landfill experts. Based on what was posted, the landfill expert stated he does
not believe the SSE has moved past the neck nor is currently moving towards the RIM.
St. Louis County Emergency Plan: Following the release of the AG expert reports,
postings in social media showed an increased public interest in emergency planning.
About two weeks ago, an October 2014 West Lake Landfill Shelter in Place/Evacuation
Plan was obtained and released by the press. In response to that release, four local
school districts sent letters to parents of school children regarding their implementation
plans. While the news of an emergency evacuation plan may be new information for
many people, the plan has existed and been publicly known for more than a year. The
plan was developed in 2014 in consultation with multiple emergency response
organizations including the EPA. In July 2014, Director of St. Louis County Office of
Emergency Management, Michael Smiley discussed the plan with the West Lake
Landfill Community Advisory Group. In April 2015, Local Emergency Planning
Committee Chairman and Director of the St. Louis County Police Department
Emergency Manager Mark Diedrich made a public presentation about the updated plan
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0056384
to the West Lake Landfill Community Advisory Group.
Local Elected Officials: Following the release of the AG expert reports, several local
officials are becoming increasingly involved and one has recently called for a
congressional oversight hearing into West Lake Landfill and a declaration of a state of
emergency. She will also be holding a series of nine town hall meetings in early
November claiming that radioactive waste will become airborne in 2-5 months.
FUSRAP: There are continued community and even congressional written requests for
DOE to reconsider its prior evaluation of the Site for the FUSRAP program. Many in the
community believe that if the site were turned over to FUSRAP, the USAGE would
excavate the RIM and dispose of it off-site, as they have done for much but not all of the
radioactively contaminated soils at FUSRAP sites in St. Louis. On September 10, 2015,
DOE responded to the congressional delegation’s recent request for reconsideration by
saying that they have no new information that would justify transfer of the site into the
FUSRAP program.
WLLFOIA4312- 001 – 0056385