2014-05-14 – EPA – West Lake Landfill – Why is EPA not testing drainage ditches at BMAC


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Aboussie, Lou[[email protected]]
Sanders, LaTonya
Wed 5/14/2014 2:47:12 PM
RE: Westlake
Good Morning Lou,
EPA has no validated information indicating the need to screen for radiation outside of the West Lake
Landfill site. We are undertaking a screening of BMAC to allay public concerns at that heavily used
recreation complex. The screening methods EPA will use there have been employed at many sites
across the country and are supported by research and documented procedures. Soil sampling will also
be performed at BMAC to confirm the screening results. In their 2005 Record of Decision the U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers cited extensive Department of Energy sampling of the haul roads. None of the
samples collected exhibited radionuclide concentrations exceeding the proposed surface and subsurface
soil remediation goals identified in the ROD. Soil sampling conducted by MDNR in 2005 in the ditches
and shoulders along Boenker Lane and Taussig Road for radium, thorium and uranium did not identify
any high concentrations of these radionuclides. With regard to screening haul roads, they remain under
the purview of the USAGE FUSRAP program.
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Just curious, does not have to be formal. Thx
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Hi Lou,
Working on a response.
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Why are the drainage ditches at BMAC not going to be tested? LA
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