2014-05-01 – EPA – USACE – West Lake Landfill – Haul Road Information


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Cotner, Sharon R MVS
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Subject: RE: Haul Roads Information (UNCLASSIFIED)
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Dear Cecilia:
I’m going to assume that you are looking for information regarding USAGE sampling of haul roads
between Latty & Westlake (since that seems to be the topic of the day.)
USAGE has sampled and remediated haul roads between SLAPS and HISS since the completion of the
2005 ROD. These roads are Pershall Road, Latty Ave, Hazelwood Ave, a small stretch of Lindbergh,
Frost, Banshee and McDonnell Blvd.
USAGE never sampled the roads from Latty to Westlake Landfill.
The sampling mentioned in the 2005 was completed by DOE prior to USAGE assignment to FUSRAP in
1997. It was only mentioned in the ROD in order to give a full picture of the sampling completed to date in
the area. (In hindsight perhaps it should not have been mentioned.)
The sampling completed by DOE was briefly mentioned in a report completed by DOE. We are trying to
find some sort of document with the actual sample results but are having no success. (At this point I am
not sure we even have the data since the area would be outside the scope of FUSRAP as Westlake was
not a FUSRAP project at the time of the transfer of the program from DOE.)
If we find anything more, we will let you and the State know.
(Also- as a side thought, someone here recalls MDNR sampling these roads in the 2003-2004 timeframe.
You may wish to touch base with them.)
I hope this helps.
Sharon Cotner
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Haul Roads Information
Is there any other haul road information other than the work USAGE completed that resulted in the 2005
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