2014-04-30 – EPA – West Lake Landfill – Gravatt, Dan – If we help public we will be giving their work credibility


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Gravatt, Dan
From: Tapia, Cecilia
Wednesday, April30, 2014 3:53PM
Gravatt, Dan
Field, Jeff; Hoefer, David; Peterson, Mary; Hammerschmidt, Ron; Hooper, Charles A.
RE: Draft letter on H drive responding to data submitted from Dawn Chapman
Dan, just add your language to the letter in another color.
(}i\ Cecilia Tapia
-;_.• DlrC!dor, Superfund Division
U.S. Environmental P~Htlon Agc.oncy • Region 7
1t101 Renner Blvd.
t..ene•o. KS 66219
Phone1 (91J)!5t•nJs Celh (911)449·4171
Email: tapla.cedllaftH’FH r..; ·~ ~”‘t;,ul ~ud \.’Fj ifll)” .. ,! a~ W.t<.:f.ITT~TII" ,,. 'illflt"'U:!.·nl .. -.~ no~ he- ~'""*~•I I! ~'t.t: 111e ~<.t-.:t;:: U,h:-=...t...-.;.1 en::l~•i.ml. i!k'-'•r' .b~~V:• 1!':' u:~.kiC (l. '!·,~f. ." l:M"Lh:'t.:"~r~....,lTMf.l.i~ C'U "...:~ rr;.en~t1~ (lc..;-rr.·<1"':0.•\· .:'!L.'.''1•1W'~ .rk un u...-'lCI""'.;r•nf..o~-i.,d;-.·r'!k7'k~,..;..*r"."'l.t. \1 rn.~,,f no• .. -.. ~~ dC"lr".r.. . thcrtl•, l'"' fch'W ;inl'.tlll:.·:~ n-1c ~):.I 2