2014-04-08 – EPA – West Lake – Lumetta, Wendy questions about non-release of NRRB information

2014-04-08 - EPA - West Lake - Lumetta, Wendy questions about non-release of NRRB information

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Albano, Emily
Tue 4/8/2014 7:38:00 PM
FW: Questions Regarding West Lake Landfill
Emily Albano
Office of Public Affairs
EPA Region 7
[email protected]
From: wendy Lumeual·-·-E·x-.-·-s·-·~-·-p·(;-rs·o-n-af.ii”r-iva·c·y-·-1
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WLLFOIA4312 – 001 – 0000196
To: Washburn, Ben
Subject: Questions Regarding West Lake Landfill
Good Morning Mr. Washburn,
I know we have spoken recently on the subject, but I now request that we communicate via email. I am
specifically requesting information regarding the 2012 NRRB conclusions regarding West Lake. As you
know, I have asked for this information multiple times, and was referred to a DC contact that gave me no
I’d like EPA’s written response as to why that review was changed from a Review to a Consultation, and
through that word change, it has gone from Sunshineable to Non-Sunshinable information. This is
unacceptable, particularly given that it is the first time in the history of the EPA that this change
was made.
Since we have spoken before about the responsibility of government transparency, I’d appreciate a full
explanation. If you are unable to provide an explanation, please send this communication up your chain
of command for response. I’d also appreciate if you would personally ensure that I receive a quick reply.
Wendy Lumetta
PS – I think you’ll like the historical quote that I attached for you.
WLLFOIA4312 – 001 – 0000197