2013-12-09 – EPA does not have full data set of GCPT readings from the PRPs


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Gravatt, Dan
From: Gravatt, Dan
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2013 7:39 AM
To: Sanders, LaTonya
Cc: Field, Jeff; Tapia, Cecilia; Hammerschmidt, Ron; Hooper, Charles A.
Subject: FW: Can u send to Latonya ·

I will provide the requested information, with the following caveats:

1 -we do not have the full data set from the PRPs at this time, just one data point from each boring representing the
highest detection there.
2-the data we have is draft and has not been QA’d
3 -I have not seen a number representing the background count level for the GCPT resul.ts, though I have heard
anecdotally that it’s about 100 counts per second. Thus we cannot say which of the detections reported thus far are
above or below background with any certainty.
4 -Due to refusal issues with the direct-push rig in the construction debris, the full waste mass was not penetrated in all
planned locations. Follow-up sampling with the rotosonic rig is planned to address this issue.

I say all this because I worry that any sound bite or bullet derived from the requested information will be taken out of
context and/or taken as a final result, and which might need to be modified once the full QA’d data set is available.

To answer your question:

The shallowest maximum detection was found in GCPT 11.1, 153.5 counts per second at a depth of 0.2 feet.
The deepest maximum detection was found in GCPT 15.5, 117.4 cps at 57.4 feet.
The highest detection at any depth was 10,528 cps, in GPCT 5.3, 29.4 feet.

Within 10 feet of the surface in any GCPT push (excluding the borings placed at pre-existing borings in known RIM areas
for calibration purposes), the maximum detection was 153.8 cps in GCPT 16.1 at 7.2 feet.

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From: Tapia, Cecilia
Sent: Friday, December 06, 2013 4:03 PM
To: Gravatt, Dan; Field, Jeff
Subject: Can u send to Latonya

The range of depths of detects from GCPT. Asap.

Cc. Ron and me.

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