2012 – NRC – Qualitative Preliminary Assessment of Dam Hazard Vulnerabilities for Operation Nuclear Power Plants in the United States


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Table 1. Qualitative preliminary assessment of dam hazard vulnerabilities for operating NPPs
Site Name State Area Body of Water Screening
Arkansas Nuclear AR Stream Arkansas River HIGH
Fort Calhoun NE Stream Missouri River HIGH
McGuire NC Stream/ Lake
Catawba River/ Lake
Oconee SC Stream/ Lake Keowee River/ Keowee Lake HIGH
South Texas TX Lake Cooling Pond HIGH
Watts Bar TN Stream Tennessee River HIGH
Beaver Valley PA Stream Ohio River MEDIUM
Browns Ferry AL Stream Tennessee River MEDIUM
Columbia WA Stream Columbia River MEDIUM
Cooper NE Stream Missouri River MEDIUM
Peach Bottom PA Stream Susquehanna River MEDIUM
H.B. Robinson SC Lake Lake Robinson MEDIUM
Sequoyah TN Stream/ Lake
Tennessee River/
Chickamauga Lake
Three Mile Island PA Stream Susquehanna River MEDIUM
Vermont Yankee VT Stream Connecticut River MEDIUM
Hope Creek/Salem DE Stream Delaware River LOW
Indian Point NY Stream Hudson River LOW
Prairie Island MN Stream Mississippi River LOW
Surry VA Stream James River LOW
Waterford LA Stream Mississippi River LOW
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