2012-07-31 – West Lake Landfill groundwater sampling prep


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w\ RE: West Lake Landfill groundwater samplingprep
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Cc: Dan Gravatt/R7/USEPA/[email protected], “‘Ward Herst'”
Sorry I was out visiting my father. The initial vegetation clearing has been completed. See you next week.
From: Muenks, Shawn fmailto:[email protected] Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 3:22 PM To: ‘Paul Rosasco’ Cc: ‘Dan Gravatt’; Ward Herst Subject: RE: West Lake Landfill groundwater sampling prep
I am planning to be on site August 6 and 7. We can try to locate the well(s) we were interested in during that time (namely D-14). I do not plan to take any splits on the days that EPA will be taking them. I will save our splits for another time (probably sometime during the week of August 13). I am also interested in the schedule for the vegetation clearing. Has this been done already? Please provide dates for clearing activities.
Shawn Muenks, P.E.
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Missouri Department of Natural Resources SuperfundP.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176
Ph: (573)751-3107
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To: Muenks, Shawn
Cc: ‘Dan Gravatt’; Ward Herst
Subject: RE: West Lake Landfill groundwater sampling prep


With respect to dust suppression, we will use our best efforts to minimize dust generation such as adjustment of
the height of the deck of the brush hog to reduce dust generation to the extent possible while still achieving our
objective of clearing paths to and the immediate areas around the wells to be sampled or the immediate areas
of missing/abandoned wells that need to be further inspected. We only expect to spend a couple of days cutting
brush so overall we don’t anticipate generating a lot of dust.

With respect to damaged wells, the field crew went out and inspected the wells and determined that some of
the damage was located at relatively shallow depths. Consequently, they are out there this week digging out
around the damaged wells that they can access and repairing/replacing the upper portions of the pipe. For wells
that are damaged at deeper intervals, we will attempt to install the Waterra tubing in these wells. If we cannot
snake the tubing down through the wells, we will not obtain samples from the wells. We are not planning on
using a downhole camera to inspect the wells. Although a downhole camera could tell us the exact depth and
possible nature or cause of damage, repair of any damage below the first few feet below the ground surface
would require mobilizing and using a drill rig which is beyond the scope of this activity. Therefore, we did not
see any value in performing downhole television logging at this time.

We will attempt to locate, and if we can find it, obtain a sample from well D-14. I intend to do this when you are

out at the site. Right now, we anticipate starting groundwater sampling sometime the week of July 30th. The
first activity will be to collect a set of synoptitc water levels. They will then start with sampling of the wells
included in the landfill permit. To the extent possible, we will hold off beginning to sample the OU-1 wells until
Dan and you are on site. Dan Gravatt and I spoke this morning and we are planning on being there beginning on

Monday August 6th. It would be great if you could be there then as well. I would like to set up and obtain most
of the split samples during that early part of that week if possible. Dan has indicated that he would like to
obtain splits from D-3 and D-6 and approximately another 10-12 unspecfied wells. Besides D-14, please let me
know if there are any other wells you are interested in obtaining split samples so I can schedule them

Thanks, Paul

From: Muenks, Shawn I”mailto:[email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 11:43 AM
To: Rosasco, Paul [email protected]’)
Subject: West Lake Landfill groundwater sampling prep


I have some questions regarding preparation for the upcoming groundwater sampling. I previously inquired
about dust suppression associated with clearing activities. I would also like to know if you were able to obtain a
down-hole camera for inspection of possible plugged wells.

Let me know when would be a good time for me to call and discuss these details, thanks.

Shawn Muenks, P.E.
Missouri Department of Natural Resources

P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176