2012-07-26 – Earth City Board of Trustees – Community will be mad if 100% excavation not performed


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Summarized Phone Conversation I had with John Basilica, Chair, Earth City Board of Trustees-Re: West Lake Landfill Debbie Kring to: Dan Gravatt, DeAndre Singletary, Audrey Asher 07/26/2012 02:02PM Cc· Rich Hood, Hattie Thomas, Cecilia Tapia, Robertw Jackson, Kristina
· Gonzales
The attached document serves as a phone record for a conversation that I had with John Basilica today, July 27, 2012. Please let me know if you have questions. For the record, this site is currently in lit.-hold.
Debra L. Kring Public Affairs Specialist/Local Elected Officials Liaison EPA-Region 7, Office of Public Affairs 901 North 5th Street Kansas City, Kansas 66101
(913) 551-7725 or [email protected] 1-800-223-0425
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Write-Up Re: Discussion with John Basilica,
Chairman, Earth City, MO Board of Trustees

West Lake Landfill
I spoke by phone today with Mr. John Basilica of Earth City, MO. He calls.me every 4-6 months to get an update on West Lake Landfill. Their next board meeting is August 22nd, so the update for this call was of key importance to him.
As background, John and the Earth City Board were extremely supportive of EPA’s initial remedy selection, primarily due to the concern about bird strikes at the St. Louis airport.
We talked for about 15 minutes about the status
of the landfill, and EPA’s current stance with
respect to the SFS. I outlined some of the
current and proposed actions (very generically)
as we are proposing to do in an updated Fact

In summary, John stated that he is on the ground in this community and the area in general and really hears what the constituents say. He stated that whatever EPA plans to do at the landfill, it should take the following into consideration, understanding that the two solutions are: full excavation of the landfill OR EPA’s preferred remedy, which includes capping, groundwater monitoring, and institutional controls:
Unless it is deemed that the appropriate action for the landfill is 100% +excavation (which would include the removal of every molecule of contaminated material), the public will be mad.
Unless it is deemed that EPA’s preferred remedy is going to be performed in the near future (sooner vs. later), the public’s patience is running out.