2012-07-25 – Comments on START contract support for radiation survey at West Lake


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Re: Fw: westlake rad survey work CharlesA Hooper to: Dan Gravatt 07/25/2012 11 :43 AM
I think we could do it, but it won’t be as fast as START can do. They run the system at each of the Wichita sites and I haven’t put the system together in over a year. I’d just as soon let them do it if that’s not a problem.
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Chuck Hooper
Radiation Safety Officer
I1\\111\1\11\\Ill\1\\1\11\1~II\1\1\\IIIII1\\11\\1 Superfund
US EPA, Region 7 901 North 5th Street Kansas City, Kansas 66101 OlfVI
(913) 551-7271 office [email protected]
Dan Gravatt Randy, I talked with DeAndre about the possibilit. .. 07/25/2012 09:44:42 AM
From: Dan Gravatt/R7/USEPAIUS To: Randy Schademann/SUPR/R7/USEPA/[email protected] Cc: CharlesA Hooper/R7/[email protected] Date: 07/25/2012 09:44AM Subject: Fw: westlake rad survey work
Randy, I talked with DeAndre about the possibility of a Start task order and he will look into it with Bob Jackson. As far as ERT personnel, who would you suggest that could assist with the RAT if we can’t or don’t get contractor support? Also, what kinds of problems does the system experience in the field? I’m pretty sawy with electronic systems and might be able to keep it running, if I knew what I was up against. If you have any operating manuals or SOPs for running the RAT I’d like to see them.
Thanks, Daniel R. Gravatt, PG US EPA Region 7 SUPR I MOKS 901 North 5th Street, Kansas City, KS 66101 Phone (913) 551-7324 Fax (913) 551-7063
Principles and integrity are expensive, but they are among the very few things worth having. –Forwarded by Dan Gravatt/R7/USEPA/US on 07/25/2012 09:40AM—.
From: Mary Peterson/SUPR/R7/USEPAIUS To: Dan Gravatt/R7/[email protected] Cc: DeAndre Singletary/SUPR/R7/[email protected], CharlesA Hooper/R7/[email protected], Randy
Schademann/SUPR/R7/USEPA/[email protected], Don Lininger/R7/USEPA/[email protected], Kenneth
Buchholz/R7/[email protected], Scott Hayes/R7/[email protected] Date: 07/24/201211 :17 AM Subject: Re: westlake rad survey work
I spoke with Randy. It sounds like he is available the week of Sept 10 for this project. Randy will call you today or very soon to coordinate plans. Evidently we do not have sufficient expertise to run the RAT system entirely independently and will likely need either contract support from START or support from ERT. I will let you and Randy work out the details.
Mary P. Peterson, Chief Planning and Preparedness South Section Emergency Response and Removal South Branch Superfund Division
(913) 551-7882 Mobile: (816) 398-3945
Dan Gravatt Mary, I am looking at a tentative field mob date o .. . 07/23/2012 08:03:45 AM
Mary Peterson Dan, Do you have a schedule for when this work .. . 05/15/2012 01 :43:01 PM

7720 West Jefferson Avenue. Suite 406 Telephone (303) 940..3426 lakewood, CO 80235 Telecopier (303) 940..3422
April 24, 2009
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Region VII
90 I N. 51h Street

Kansas City, KS 661 0 I

SUBJECT: Prevention of Soil Erosion during Vegetation Clearing prior to Surveying West Lake Landfill OU-1 Remedial Design
Dear Mr. Wall,
On behalf of Cotter Corporation (N.S.L.), Bridgeton Landfill, LLC, Rock Road Industries, Inc., and the United Sates Department of Energy (the “Respondents”), Engineering Management Support Inc. (EMSI) is submitting this letter to supplement the Vegetation Sampling Plan (Woodford and Associates, 2009) to further describe the actions to be taken to prevent erosion during the vegetation clearing effort. Vegetation clearing is necessary prior to conducting the ground and aerial surveys of Areas·! and 2. The ground-truthed aerial survey will be used to produce a current topographic base map needed lor use in development of the design of the landfill cover component ofthe remedy.
Vegetation clearing will conducted over the area shown on the attached Figure I .Clearing Area Plan. The vegetation clearing procedure will involve an operator using a FECON Bull Hog® wood shredder attached to a skid steer loader (e.g., Bobcat®) to cut and shred brush, shrubs, small trees (6 to 8 inches in diameter or less), and stumps. The wood shredder attachment will be set to cut the vegetation to a level slightly above the ground surface, leaving the roots such that the existing vegetative cover remains intact and erosion is prevented. Photographs of a Bobcat® skid steer and the Bull Hog® wood shredder are provided in Figure 2. The skid steer will have the versatility to maneuver between the larger trees that will remain in place during the remedial design. Use of the small skid steer machine will minimize the number and depth of ruts that would result from use of a larger bulldozer or front-end loader machine, thus helping to minimize erosion.
The shredded bmsh, shrub, and tree mulch will be deposited in place, which will further assist with erosion control. To minimize the arnount of shredded vegetation that might become airborne during the clearing effort, settings on the wood shredder will be adjusted such that a coarse-sized mulch is deposited. Also, as mentioned in the Vegetation Sampling Results Summary report (Woodford and Associates, 2009), the

Mr. Dan Wall
Prevention ofSoil Erosion during
Vegetation Clearing prior to Surveying
West Lake Landfill OU-1 Remedial Design
Page 2
slated for clearing has a very high moisture content and therefore will not readily become airborne.
To prevent transport ofany shredded material offsite, silt fences will be installed at the toe of the slopes of Areas I and 2. The toe of the slopes for each area arc shown on Figure I and an example ofsilt fence installation is provided on Figure 2. The silt fences will be inspected periodically during the vegetation clearing effort and will remain in.place until the remedy is implemented.
Ifyou have any questions or desire additional information regarding the vegetation clearing effort with respect to erosion control, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Figure I -Clearing Area Plan Figure 2-Vegetation Shredder and Silt Fence Installation Details
Woodford and Associates, 2009, Vegetation Sampling Plan in Support of Health and Safety Plan for Vegetation Clearing and Grubbing, West Lake Landfill OU-1, Bridgeton, MO, March 9.
Woodford and Associates, 2009, Vegetation Sampling Results Summary in Support of Health and Safety Plan for Vegetation Clearing and Grubbing, West Lake Landfill OU-1, Bridgeton, MO, March JO.
Shawn Muenks-Missouri Dept ofNatural Resources Victoria Warren -Allied Waste Industries, Inc. Michael Hockley-Spencer Fane Britt & Browne Charlotte Neitzel -Holme Roberts & Owen William Spurgeon-U. S. Department of Energy Ward Herst-Herst & Associates, Inc. Dan Feezor-Feezor Engineering, Inc. Tim Woodford, T.A. Woodford and Associates, LLC