2012-07-24 – EPA request for conference call to discuss upcoming activities and community outreach


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Re: Conference Call Request Hattie Thomas to: Huckstep, Ramona 07/24/201211:19AM “Doster Branden” “Zamarripa Ruben” “Muenks Shawn” Debbie
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· Kring, Dan Gravatt, DeAndre Singletary
Good morning-Thanks for the email and voice mails. Debbie Kring and I will touch base with you once she returns from site travel. Thanks -HL T
Hattie L. Thomas
Deputy Director
Office of Public Affairs EPA Region 7
901 N. Fifth Street Kansas City, KS 66101 Ph: 913-551-7762, Fax: 913-551-7066
“Huckstep, Ramona” I was just following up from our telephone con … 07/24/2012 09:39:52 AM
From: “Huckstep, Ramona”
To: Hattie Thomas/R7/[email protected]
Cc: “Muenks, Shawn” , “Zamarripa, Ruben” , “Doster, Branden”
Date: 07/24/2012 09:39AM
Subject: Conference Call Request
I was just following up from our telephone conversation last week regarding West Lake Landfill and our request to have a conference call with you and your team regarding upcoming activities at the site and how these may include community outreach.
These activities include:
Groundwater sampling at the landfill starting August 6th -As a Community Involvement Coordinator I will be touring the site

Missouri Coalition for the Environment Public Meeting focusing on West Lake Landfill

Upcoming potential presentation by EPA to the Bridgton City Council

Updates to our MDNR website -per a request from Kay Drey, we have posted the Sampling and Analysis Plan for Groundwater Sampling .http://dnr.mo.gov/env/hwp/fedfac/westlakelandfill-ffs.htm

We would appreciate the opportunity to coordinate with your team on these items and
any other items you would like to discuss. We were hoping to speak with you and your team before the August 6th sampling event begins, if possible. Thank you for your time and consideration of these topics.
Ramona Huckstep, M.S., M.P.A. Community Involvement Coordinator
Hazardous Waste Program Missouri Department of Natural Resources
0711 1M1iiiiimm1 :1 v
573-522-1540 [email protected]