2012-07-05 – Meter settings for down-hole probes – Ludlum 2200 or Ludlum 2350


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Information and SOPs for gamma scanning instruments Dan Gravatt to: CharlesA Hooper 07/05/2012 10:15 AM
Chuck, I’m putting together a QAPP for the upcoming gamma scan work. Some questions came up which I hope you can help me with:
-Are there SOPs for the “RAT” (Ludlum model 2221 with 3×3″ Nal Tl detector, in a baby carriage) and/or the down-hole probe and its instrument? If so, I need to append them to my QAPP.
-What is the model number on the down-hole probe and the instrument the down-hole probe will be connected to? Previous down-hole scans used a Ludlum 2200 or 2350 with an energy threshold of 100 keV and an open energy window-I hope that means something to you.
-What’s a reasonable speed to move the RAT across the surface, and a reasonable distance between the sensor and the ground surface? I assume we will mount it on one of the UTVs for this work due to the large area.
-What rad safety or other certifications I training are appropriate for folks doing this work?
-What are your thoughts on personnel and equipment (primarily the UTV) decontamination for this work?
-Should you be a signatory on this QAPP?
Thanks, Daniel R. Gravatt, PG US EPA Region 7 SUPR I MOKS 901 North 5th Street, Kansas City, KS 66101 Phone (913) 551-7324 Fax (913) 551-7063
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