2012-06-20 – Gravatt, Dan – A look into the murky future of West Lake


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West Lake Landfill: bullets for fact sheet Dan Gravatt to: Debbie Kring 06/20/2012 11:05 AM
Debbie, as you requested, here is a look into the murky future of West Lake to assist you with the fact sheet:
-PRPs have agreed to do one additional round of groundwater sampling from all usable/accessible/intact monitoring wells at the site, from OU1 and OU2. Paul Rosasco’s workplan identifies 80 wells that are definitely or probably usable/accessible/intact and will be sampled. Sampling is for uranium, thorium, and radium isotopes, plus metals, VOCs and SVOCs.
-EPA received the PRP’s workplan for the groundwater sampling on June 8, and commented on it. The final workplan is due June 28.
-The PRP’s groundwater sampling work will likely begin in July and last for about a month. Both EPA and MDNR intend to split some of the groundwater samples.
-Following the PRP’s groundwater monitoring fieldwork, EPA will mobilize to the field to re-do surface gamma scans of the OU1 cells, and conduct down-hole gamma logs of the usable/accessible/intact monitoring wells. This should happen in August.
-The PRPs also agreed on June 14th to do additional studies to supplement the SFS, including a detailed study of the partial excavation alternative, other landfill cover designs, apatite treatment evaluations, groundwater fate and transport, and an adjustment to the discount rate in the cost estimate. This work will be handled under a separate work plan (probably an addendum to the original SFS WP) that has not been scoped as yet, though we expect it will take at least a year to complete these additional studies.
-It is my understanding, based on Karl’s directions at our last briefing, that we’ll have a public availability session in December or so to describe to the public the additional sampling and studies that we have planned.
Hope this helps.
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