2012-01-09 – EPA discussion of next steps for community outreach per MDNR request


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{In Archive} EPA Call with MDNR Re: Westlake Landfill-Next Steps for
Community Outreach
Debbie Kring to: Hattie Thomas, Dan Gravatt 01/09/2012 04:30PM
Cc: Rich Hood, Cecilia Tapia, DeAndre Singletary
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Dan & I called MDNR (Branch Chief Brandon Doster) at his request to discuss next steps for community outreach activities at the Westlake Landfill Superfund Site in Bridgeton, MO.
MDNR would like EPA to conduct community interviews in support of the most recent Community Involvement Plan update (fall of 2011 ). They would also like these interviews to be done subsequent to the upcoming public meeting EPA will hold to release the Supplemental Feasibility Study (SFS) to guage interest community-wide. While EPA concurs with the need to get current perspectives from community members about the progress of Westlake Landfill, doing interviews during this particular phase of the Superfund process is poor timing. EPA has made it clear that the SFS process is NOT a public comment process or period. Conducting interviews at the same time considerations are being made about the SFS gives the community mixed messages about what EPA is asking.
We conveyed to MDNR that EPA would prefer to conduct these interviews in the spring of 2012, not only to alleviate confusion within the public domain, but also because EPA’s EJ program would like to begin conducting Healthy Homes assessments near Westlake Landfill in the spring as well. I believe those two activities positively parallel each other and give the community a more clarified direction .
MDNR asked Dan and I if they could conduct their own community interviews prior to the SFS being released to the public. I specifically asked Brandon, what they would do with the comments received, since we are NOT in a public comment period. He appeared to understand and thanked Dan and I for our time.
If you need additional information about this call or any other facet of the Westlake Landfill site, please call Dan or I.
Debra L. Kring Public Affairs Specialist/Local Elected Officials Liaison EPA-Region 7, Office of Public Affairs 901 North 5th Street Kansas City, Kansas 66101
(913) 551-7725 or [email protected] 1-800-223-0425