2012-01-09 – Cecilia Tapia does not think community interviews should be conducted during this stage of the Superfund process


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Just Spoke with Cecilia about Westlake Landfill-and Ramona Debbie Kring to: Hattie Thomas, Dan Gravatt Cc: Rich Hood, Cecilia Tapia 01/09/2012 02:21 PM
From: To: Deb~ie Kring/R7/USEPA/US Hattie Thomas/R7/[email protected], Dan Gravatt/R7/USEPA/[email protected]
Cc: Rich Hood/R7/USEPA/[email protected], Cecilia Tapia/R7/USEPA/[email protected]

Hattie & Dan:
I just spoke to Cecilia as she walked by enroute to the MDNR Call in the RA Conference Room at 2:00
p.m. She is fully supportive of CPA’s role at Westlake and also does not think “community interviews” should be conducted during this phase of the Superfund process. She does not have an opinion about Ramona’s role at the site, but indicated that MDNR (Ramona) should not be lobbying on anyone’s behalf, i.e., the city, community members, et al and that is why she asked for her to be removed from the site to begin with.
I briefly explained what our call will entail (at 3:00 p.m. today) with Brandon of MDNR. She is supportive!
As a historical reference, Ramona and her management made several comments to my updated Community Involvement Plan (CIP)P (done last summer). Some of the comments I chose to incorporate (because they made the plan better). Some of the comments were not applicable, and a few of them were not even implementable. Ramona offered her assistance to EPA Hqtrs. when it was working on the Community Engagement Initiative, so feels like she should be in charge of every aspect of community activities that involve EPA. Please note ………… MDNR comments to the CIP were suggestions only.
When we (EPA officials & MDNR) toured Westlake Landfill on October 4, 2011, we discussed the CIP and possible next steps for community interaction. The dialogue went well, Ramona was not present for that tour.
They are insistent that community interviews be conducted, RIGHT NOW! I don’t disagree that we need the community’s view of past and current EPA activities and their affects on the community-at-large. However, I believe that once the SFS activities get finalized and we move to the next phase of community meeting·s and additional activity, that would be the appropriate time to conduct the community interviews. I plan to perform these interviews in the spring of 2012.
Stay tuned ……………. l’ll keep you apprised of next steps. If you need any more information regarding this history of this site or EPA’s interactions with MDNR, please don’t hesitate to ask. Dan and I have a conference call coming up within the hour.
Debra L. Kring Public Affairs Specialist/Local Elected Officials Liaison EPA-Region 7, Office of Public Affairs 901 North 5th Street Kansas City, Kansas 66101
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