2012-01-05 – Earth City Levee District Chair – John Basilico – Past Flooding Events and Valuation of Properties


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{In Archive} Fw: My Conversation with John Basilico -Earth City Levee
District Chair
Dan Gravatt to: Cecilia Tapia 01/05/2012 11:12 AM
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Cecilia, here is the information from the Earth City Levee District responding to Karl’s questions. Note that none of the flood events mentioned below and on the website breached or overtopped the levee.
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From: Debbie Kring/R7/USEPAIUS To: Dan Gravatt/R7/[email protected], Audrey Asher/R7/[email protected] Date: 01105/2012 10:48 AM Subject: My Conversation with John Basilica -Earth City Levee District Chair
Per your request to get information about the Earth City Levee System & past flooding events, I have the following to report:
1) The valuation of properties within the Levee system (as of 2007) showed a market value of $1,235,000,000. This included structures and roadways. For purposes of looking at a comparable valuation for 2011 , John stated the value should be deduced by 20%, making the 2011 valuation in the range of $950,000,000-$1,100,000,000.
2) The Levee system was constructed in the summer of 1972. John indicated he is aware of 2-3 flooding events, but most importantly noted the event of 1993. He also stated that the following website would be a great resource for additional questions like this: www.earthcityld.com
I also checked EPA’s Responsiveness Summary, where it states on page 6 (top) that four (4) major floods have occurred since the levy was built.
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