2011-03-19 – NRC – Jocasse Dam – Misuse of Government Position and Inappropriate Conducte by RES Employee – ML16244A009


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Case Title:
Origination Doclink: J
Memos to File
Prepared by: I (bi(7)(C) I 0412011011
Misuse of Government Case Number:
Position and Inappropriate
Conduct by RES Employee
Subject CRISCIONE Conversation with NRC Employees
Report Date: 03/19/2011
c 11 031
On March 29, 2011, While attending the NRC and It’s Environment course, Special Agent (SA)
I (bJ(7J(CJ ptfice of Inspector General (OIG), Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC),
overheard Larry CRISCIONE, Division of Risk Analysis, Office of Research, NRC, having a
conversation with (b)(7J