1997 – EPA – West Lake Landfill – Allocations of Responsibility – INDEX – Research and Back-Up Information


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1. Undated, Allocation Strategy for Representing the Orphan Share in
Allocatiaon Pilots Doc #7
2. Dated June 3, 1996, Memorandum from Steven A. Herman, Assistant
Administrator ofU. S. EPA Office of Enforcement and Compliance
Assurance; to: Regional Administrators; Subject: Interim Guidance
on Orphan Share Compensation for Settlors of Remedial
Design/Remedial Action and Non-Time-Critical Removals
3. Copy of the Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. Article, Dated 8/26/94;
Subject: Superfund Allocation Strategies and Outcomes, written by
Steven F errey.
4. Undated, Annotation: Right to Perpetuation of Te stimony under Rule
27 of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, written by Elaine K. Zipp,
5. Lexis Report, Undated, Missouri Secretary of State, Corporate
Record for B & K Construction Co., Inc.
6. Undated handwritten note with addresses & info re: USNRC
Investigation Report
7. Undated Definitions of terms in the Document Request
8. 11/12/97 handwritten notes of Westlake OU-1 Allocations Meeting at
Spencer Fane
9. Dated 11/12/97 list of attendees at the Westlake Landfill Site PRP
Group Mediation Convening Meeting Spencer Fane, Kansas City,
10. 8/6/97 narrative introducing William E. Hartgering, Esq., a full-time
mediator and arbitrator
11. 8/21/97 Guide to the Allocation Process in a Superfund Case attached
to a 3/31/97 United States’ Initial Bried on Behalf of The
Environmental Protection Agency
12. Undated Site Background on West Lake Landfill Operable Unit No.
1, involving a remedial investigation/feasibility study being
performed by Cotter Corporation (N.S.L.) Laidlaw Waste Systems
(Bridgton), Inc., Rock Road Industries, Inc. and the U.S. Department
of Energy.
13. 3/17/97, West Lake Landfill Alternative Dispute Resolution, Work
Plan, Volume 1: Narrative Work Plan