1989-01-20 – DOE – Radiologically contaminated soil beneath a parking garage ramp at the Lambert International Airport


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Mr. To• Richter
St. Louts Airport AuthGrity
P.O. Bo• 10212
~rt suttc;n
St. Louts. MD 63145
DMr “”. Richter: ·
D 1~ IIDWit of Etwgy
– ,,O.IMDI
_OR Riclte. T……….., m31-8723
January 20. 1989
Tbe purpose of uats letter ts to dtscuss racUo)ottcallr contam1~ted son
…_atb a OU’k1ftt tarave ramp at the L.uMrt lnternat1ona1 Atf’IM)rt. The son
was ,.., .. ., fr. 1 State c011struct1Gft project •tar the St. l.Gu1s Airport
Stonee Site (SLAPS) wMcb vas suspeeted to be contlfl1nated vittl lw levels
of thort … 230. Tbts son vas trlDSported to the 11T’I)Ort tenatn~l lr”tl vtaere
tt w.s asM as ftll dur1ft9 recent construct1on of a parting garage “”‘· The
analys1s of ~les takeo at the Dlrk,ng gerate ranp durtnt construct1oa
conftnlld that levels of thor1~230 were s11tht1y above DOE’s cleinup ·
crlter1a of. 5 ptcocurtes per trail.
Stace the conttatnated soil is beneath the foundat1on of the parting ramp,
DO[ ca.pletld 1ft assessment of the potentitl health rtsks Which would result
froa leaving the soil in place. ln develop1nv the asse~sment DOE utilized
conservat1ve assumpttons for potential exposure to a worker Who would be
wort1nt on tilt founclat1on of tbe part1ng l”liiiP 1n tht contam1na~ed son. The
nsl.lltarit •xtiiUII dose to aft 1Delhidua1 worttng tn thts manner “‘S est1aate4
‘tO be 0.42 ara/yr. Th1s esttmate vas based em external guma radiation and
inhalatton doses from uran1um-234. ·235. -238, radi~226. thortum-230, and
-232. For COIIIIWir1son. this value ts less than 1/2 of one percent of the OOI
allaw&ble dose l’\111t ta the puhHc of 100 we&Jyr. Tht potential fo~
exposurt 1s ‘V’I!ry law ghen the present lotat10ft of the cont&mtnat.ed so11 aftd
dut to the fact that thoMua-230 1s the pr1mar”y contasiMnt and is an alphl
nc11it1on es1tter~ Alpha radiat,on 1s not tipable of penetraUI\g the outer
la~er of stta on tbe husao body and exposure nay only be obtained if the soil
1s ingested (i .e •• eaten) or inhaled. Inhalation or ingestion of the
c~,taa1nated so11 11 quantities suffit1ert to cause any exposure ts eltrene1y
unl1kt1J given tbe locat.’on of tbe so~l .
• • • •
. I
ltftll Ut rtsaalts of tilt r1st assess.at &nd tht c0ftsirvat1vt ISSYIPt1ons
lAtch an IIUe u pert Df the &SSHs.nt, \bt ‘rtnntlltCAtion of tilt •tertal
lft4 the nature of &lllha rad1at1oa, DOt dMS not reca.tl\11 re110va1 of the
Soft. Tbt d&ta whiCh 4tf1fttS tbe COI~tftlftt ltvt\S Of tb1S SD11 lftd tfte r1sk
asstsSDent v111 bt contidered in tbt overall Rt~~dia1 ‘ tnvest1gation/
Feu1b1Ht1 Studw fol'” ftnal deters1nat1ol of the ftetd I fen- ret~edtat1on . If
thtrt &rt anr Qutst1ons, please conttct ae at (61S) ”6· 084•.
cc : s. ltedle. lttl
A. W.llo, N£•23
~. W1ng, C£•53
6. Kepko • EPA Reg. ion Vtt
D. ledln, MDDMR
&. Turf. Jt£-!3
8. Ma~m1ng, CE·SO
• 1
‘fz::-\ewM ~(Lc.L. P. A¥e1
Site Mauver ! .
Tecbntc•l Strv1cts D1v1ston
I •