1988-08-15 – Post-Dispatch – West Lake Landfill – Agency – Landfill Cleanup Needed


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Agency: Landfill Cleanup Needed
BuCaratyit at the landfill or should be moved
Radioactive material Illeftlly
dmnped at Ike We*t Lake Landfia In
Brtdcetoa IS yean a«o has contamtnated
aearwy aoH aad groaad water
aad alKMM be deaaed »p. the V3
Nuclear Regalatory CommtMloa
la a i tan week,
Ike aatnry laaad tkat a cttaaap war
of “potcatlal loa(-
Mat tka report
tayt tkat H b aaNkety tkat aayoae
MirccarvN alB^fk»nt radtatloa
frow ttw jlw. ~m — IWf
ral RaBMTcw baa wM tke kwdftfl
POM a beam (treat
Tkc fadctal aajcacy aBM a daaaaa)
caaM c«at fram UTa.aa. to $M aiHn
«n la 1N4 doflan. Newer coal eatt-
Tke report, aaaie af wkte> hag tak-
•a five yean lo coaiavewx atyv more
a)«4y b) aeedad to determine whether
the ITf.Mf cabtc yard* of contamtnated
material coaM be stored lately
The tandfin Hes mirth aeja: of the
Intersection of Interstate* TO and 27*
a«l east of Earth City. It to sarroanded
by restdeatlal pibdtvrtons. a farm
and tndmtrtal development
Federal otflclah< have aatd the Wett Lake material coatd not be itored at Ike earthen banker Owl has VMV pTOpOvBd fOC 82.7 aKTM IwOfth Of Lantbert FteM. Offlctaki have propoaed avendtng |2*t mllltoa to ftore aboat 7M.OM cabk yardsol radloacttvc nvlvrtol from ^H»?wfc*?rc In ttic St Loato area at that dte. The contamtaattoa at Weal Lake, at 1ST* St Cbarte* Rock Road, and the ether tMcs M thb area It left over from araatam proccarins la St Loahi tor aadear weapom In tke IMai and IM*. The artaawr luotamlnanb at Went Lake LandfHI are thorium lM and radtam IM. both of which can ca«se cancer. Content rattem of the radioactive tabctaace* la the soil and uroaad water at the 200-acre landnil exceed lederal cleanup the report say<. The concentration of thorium 2.10 In soil at We*t Ijike mnftex as hHch us I*.IM plcocui1e5 a gram. It averages about 9.000 ptrncvrtf* a rn»m. federal offtrtals hnvr witd The normal concentration of thorium 23A In soil hi St LftuH County rum about 0.2 picomries a Kram. • The concentration of radium 2711 at the landnil hat been found a* high as CM plcocartes a gram and averages aboat M ntcocurtei a gram, officials have said. Normally, • 5 ptconirtes a gram of radium 226 are found In soil In thH area. Because at the way the elements decay, the concentrations of radium 2M and mdoa 222. a gas that Is estremety harmful If Ingested or Inhaled, are expected to Increase ntaefoM over the next 200 years at the landfill. The report says some of the radioactive material on the northwestern edge of tke landfill ha* no protective cover of mil to prevent the spread of contamination. The commMon also sak) that tests showed "some low-level cootamliw tkm of ground water." Indicating that the waste was leaching thrnagh the landfill Further complicating a cleanup. Ike radioactive material may have become miied with chemically hazardous material, the report saw. "Under these condition*, oa-site disposal. If possible, win likely require moving the material to a raretally designed aad contracted 4b>
pnsel cell.” the report says.
Counclrwomaa Peggy J. hleyer of
Ward I hi Rridgelon said Saturday
that city offl«-‘-.K support cleanup of
the landfill
Bat Brtdgetoa offldak. like other
ofndaki In aorta SI. Louts Coaaty.
have urged that Ika. We* Lake malerial
and an the radioactive material
In lati area be consolidated and
moved ovt of tin? poptttotesd cm.
-My nnt reaction to rats report b
•Let« net started.’ • Meyer saM.
The Wett Lake properly wai
bought wtthln the last month by Latdtow
Waste System Inc.. a rrnsh-co»-
kctktn company, fmm the Archdlo-
Lout*. M^vrrsald.
West Lake Landfill
In itTJ. aboat I.TM toa§ of radial
active bartam salfate cake from q
nearby radioactive wfjate atte an
Latty Aveaue la Haielwood wrt
dumped IHegalry at Ike Weat Lake