1987-03-31 – BAT – Chernobyl – European Tobaccos – Italian Tobacco – Food regulations

1987-03-31 - BAT - Chernobyl - European Tobaccos - Italian Tobacco - Food regulations

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Source: http://industrydocuments.library.ucsf.edu/tobacco/docs/nxnf0194
B.A:r (UK.and ExportJ Limited
Mr. R.D. Lowe
Leaf Dept.
FROM Miss A.A.Bottomley
DATE 31 March 1987
Re: Chernobyl
Further to lllY memo of 17 Deceri>er 1986. I am enclosing a co111pleted summary
of the gamma-activity scans covering a wide range of European tobaccos.
I am holding all the Certificates received from Harwell on a ‘master
file’ but if you would prefer to hold them (or have copies) please let me
Apart from five grades of Italian tobacco supplied by Wintermans. we
have no further outstanding samples for analysis at Harwell.
I am also enclosing a paper published by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Fisheries and Food whfch Davfd Robinson obtained. He has asked the
M.A.F.F. to keep us up-dated on limits set by various countries. We
understand that the M.A.F.F. are only making discreet enquiries as they
do not wish to encourage authorfties to set limits!
Although the list covers food products. ft does give us so111e fdea of how
various countries are reacting to the situation and. of course. ft ts not
unknown for food regulations to also cover tobacco products. As I advised
you recently. the Egyptians have asked B.A.T. Suisse to provide a •Radiation
Free• Certfffcate covering their export of cut blend to Egypt. I also
note that the Singapore authorities are continuing to take a very strict
lf ne.
On your return from the u.s .• I would like to visit you tn Mfllbank to
dfscuss the Chernobyl exercise. In particular. I think we should establish
a sanipliog regime for manipulated 1986 crop and cured 1987 crop Oriental
tobaccos as soon as possible. so that we can give our buyf ng team tn
Izmir adequate notice of our requirements.
c.c. Mr. J.W. Dru1111110nd, M111bank
\.Mr. J.A. Wfchers. Woking
Dr. R._.81nns
Dr. ~rjf/Dr. R.A. Crellin
Dr. D.P. Robtnson
Dr. P.C. Beven
Mr. D.E. Creighton
Mr. I.G.M. Anderson
Source: http://industrydocuments.library.ucsf.edu/tobacco/docs/nxnf0194
Year Area
YAB 1985 N/A
Village Samples 1986 Sfndfrgf
” Soma
ti Akhfsar
” Manisa
” Turgutlu
II Salfhlf
.I.I Gavurkoy Kiraz
II Tavas
” Mug la
Sl/4 1985 N/A
Vfl lage Samples 1986 Bafra
” II Evkaf
” It Maden/Dere
II ” Canfk
ex R&D stock Sl/4 1984 N/A
<4 46 103 45 53 52 37 42 <10 109 32 88 (4 16 26 17 (.4 Caesium Activity 134 Total ~ ~ <:Z <.6 16 fi?. 41 IH lZ 57 13 66 16 68 11 48 10 52 ~5 (15 40 149 17 49 39 127 <2 <6 6 22 12 38 4 21 £2 "6 <10 ~ 0 0 v..i U1 N U1 Source: http://industrydocuments.library.ucsf.edu/tobacco/docs/nxnf0194 Caesium Activity Crop 137 134 Total Year ~ ~ ~ SPAIN Burley S/11/86 1986 qo S/16/86 1986 <.10 Virginia S/1/86 1986 dO S/2/86 1986 ·'10 S/3/86 1986 <::10 S/4/86 1986