1986-02-13 – DOE – St. Louis Airport Cake Residues – Congo Raffinates – Cotter Concentrate

1986-02-13 - DOE - St. Louis Airport Cake Residues - Congo Raffinates - Cotter Concentrate

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1602 Cedar Avenue
Canon Cit y, CO 81212
February 13 , 1986
Edward Delaney
Department of Energy
Washington, D. C. 20545
Re : St Louis Airport Cake Residues a/k/a Congo
Raf finates a / k/a Cotter Concentrate
In “History of the Mallinckrod t Airport Cakes Residues” , presented at the
Denver Mater ials Meeting i n Y~y of 1966, Walter J . Haubach , Isotope Separation
Manager , Mound Laboratories, reported that “most of t he pitchblende
processed by Mallinckrodt was obtained as a concentrate from the Belgian
Congo in 1944 and was shipped to St. Louis from the Congo in 55 gallon
metal dru:ns .”
Af ter processing by Mallinckrodt, t he material ~ent i nto storage and became
known as “Airport Cake”.
Regarding Atomic Energy Act of 1954, Section 40.21 of the Code of Federal
Regulations , Title 10 – Atomic Ener gy Chapter 1 , part 40 – Control of Sou r ce
Q. Did the residues (Airport CAkes) that resulted from this
foreign originating concentrate material meet the specif ications
for domestic source material?
In a 1966 AEC Research and Development Report, MLM-1349, Survey of Sources
of Ionium (Tho rium-2 30) , Mound Laboratory, Miamisburg , Ohio, reports that
“These residues are the best known source of Thorium -230”.
In Harbach•s History, it is reported that Oak Ridge Operations contacted
the St. Louis Area office and asked to hold up action concern i ng the Airport
sludge until “long range requiements f or Thorium-230 could be fixed.”
Q. In what manner , or by what action, where t he long range
requirements f ixed?
Q. Was the Thori um-230 content a consideration when the AEC
a l l owed Commercial Dis count, in 1967 , to transfer the
residues to Cotter Corporation for removal to their Canon
City, Colorado mill site?
page – 2-
Q. Was Cotter Corporation advised by the AEC as to the
Thorium-230 content of the uranium contaminated residues
when they took possession and transfered the material
t o Colorado?
Q. Was the Seate of Colorado advised by the AF.C as t o t he
Tho r iu:n- 230 content when Col orado became an agreement:
state on February 1 , 1968?
Your prompt response to these questions will be greatly appreciated .
Respectfully ,
,) :·~- g,,._.;rt2′,,_,,_
Lynn E. Boughton