1984-03-06 – St. Louis Contamination Removal Program Must Remain Under Local Control


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Aerospace District Lodge 837
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. AFL-CIO
Mrs. Leo A. Drey
515 West Point Avenue
University City, MO 63130
Dear Mrs. Drey:
212 Utz Lane
Hazelwood, Missouri 63042
(314) 731-0603
Office of the President
March 6, 1984
I have been in contact with the politicians who are involved in the removal
of radio active waste.
We are making every effort to keep this removal program under local control.
We are fearful if the Federal Government gets involved, it will become the
same situation that took place at Times Beach, Missouri.
You and I must agree that the DOE is confronted with problems all over the
country and the concern of one location would be avoidable. If the problem
stays on a local government level, more concern and interest would be applied.
Therefore, every effort will be made to convince our politicians that they
must not relinquish their responsibility and correct a very hazardous situation
that is affecting their constituents; particularly those employees who work
at or around McDonnell Douglas Corporation.
Your devoted interest in this situation is greatly appreciated. I will be in
touch with you from time to time as new developments occur.
Very truly yours,
~ff ~a/Z-/~~
Cassell Williams
President Directing Business Representative
opeiu/!13/ jk