1979-12-31 – MDNR – Letter to DOE – Request for report on aerial survey of West Lake Landfill


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December 31, 1979
Mr. Earl Harbison
Department of Energy
0Jk Ridge, Tennessee 378JO
Dear Mr. Harbison:
‘ ‘
Please find attached my letter of respomc to the c:ty of Brid~etr.n
regarding their resolution relative to the disposJl of radi( .. :tivE
waste materials in the vicinity of the city. Mr. Rick koberts, \’1itl1
the Department of Natural Re:.::>urces, Sol id ‘..laste Mariag~ment Progrc::m,
1s been in telephone corm1unication with you during recent months
requesting that your office provide us \’.’ith the res1:lt-. of the
technical study which was conducted to determine the lJcation ana
levels of radiation er.iitting from the \’1a;te dispo~ec! of at tre
l·lestlake Land4’ill in St. Louis County. This aeriill su,…vey of th·:
Westlake Landfill and other areas in the St. Louis Cou1t; was corducted
at least a year ago. The Department of llJtur·al R~scurces
\’1ould appreciate this information being made availatile in order that:.
we can assess the potential public health effect~.
If there are reasons why the study cannot be rele~sed to the
Department of Natural Resources, I 111ould appreciute te1nc; so acvisei_;.
James P. Odendahl
Division of Environmental Quality
JostZph P. Tea~dalcr Gov