1979-12-28 – MDNR – West Lake Landfill – Letter to City of Bridgeton – Response to Resolution R-79-12


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December 28, 1979
llonorable E. 1-1. (Bill) Abram
City of nrid9eton
11955 Natural Bridge Road
Oriugeton, Missouri 6304~
Dear Mayor Al~ram:
S1~nator Edw;r, L. 01rck ha:.. fort.·arded tl1e City of nridg~ton’s Resolution
R-79-12 reliltive to dispo~.Jl of radioacti\’e milterial tc the Depa!”trnent
of ~latural Resources for re~ponse relativE· to Mi~souri’s role in control rr;
tlte disposal of radioactive wilste rnrlterials.
You are probc.bly aware thilt the Federa~ riuclear Regulatory Corm1ission fia’..
tile primary responsibility for controllinu the disposal of radioactive
w~ste materiols. The Sta:c of Missouri is not an agree1.1ent state and
h1s no arrdn~_·ement” with the :luclear Regulatory Comrnis~ion to enforce ‘:.hr!
r~ ~·ithin d.e St.1tc of t1i>souri. At the pres·:?nt tir.ie the Solid
·,J1~te Regulations of the f>cpurtnient of ildtural Resources prohit:it the
accrptance of radioactive ~d~te materials at per~it:ed sanitary lan~fil~ ..
The,.cforl’, the l·lestlake L.111dill in St. Louis County does nut lia·,ie autho
izJt.ion to accept radioac:i·.-c 1·1ast.e rnat.er~als. Tt1e DEpartment of ~at~.ir..i,
;t~~ourccs is interested in 1:hat radioac:t ive 1~aste mat!Jials r.ia1 hdve be1:;
di~.pc:;ec1 of ;.t the Wc~tla’:f’. Landfill iri tt1e past un1 hds been in corn11niC.
l’:.’on .,Jith the Oepartmen~ of Lnergy in 1).lkridge, T·~nn~c;see reciue:;tin~1
t 1tlt the; pr11vide us ~1ith 11i1Jt inf0rr:1a:.ion t~ey i1,1vr: ctitainc:d rel.1t~vc : 1
tw disp0·.3J of the v1aste i1l tl1e .Jec;tL•~’? L.:indfill. ~·r. Earl Harl 1 iscn
1·1ith the (Je~ .. ~·tment of En-~rt:Jy llas assured us he vii 11 ~rovide u~. w1 th d r ·
•)f ~lie inves·.iuation rc;:>0″~ .~s soon clS it is availa111c.
lt l1us Geen ;ndicated triat .’l’ry lo.” lr.-t l rudioacli 11c t1u::.te n.dter·iai w.1·
in·1olved in ·:he disposal H the ~.Jcstlal:f Landfiil, anc there sho•1ld her:·
·jJrl’Jer to th .. citizens of i;r·id·.1et•Jr .. 111· .. 1,!vcr, t~w :>c~.irtrnent of rla 0.:.Jr2l
~e··,uurces via:rts to 1·evicH :1l Ll.!cr1nii:ai J.Jli: fro:? t:1t r1l:parl1;1e11t of ::1r.
in·1·~stigaticr1 ar:d stuJy Li:·’.:· t: 1.akir.·J .11 -1 rf’c01m1~!rl(~.1t .inc; as to 1·1lia·. 1 .. ·
>11·1uld be tai.en.
Joseph P. Teasdale Gov;;-rnor
furd A. Lafser Director
Divi’.ii0n ot Enviror~m . , , !al (luclPy.
James P. Odendonl u1rictor