1979-11-08 – Senator Dirck – Letter to MDNR – Missouri’s role in cleaning up radioactive waste at West Lake


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JU”ll’llON CITY. MISSOUlll 111101
TILl,.HONI I J 14 I 711.z … 0
November 8. 1979 1014t· •r. •··.
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TIL.IP’H .:JN’. I JI.a .
Mr. James Odendahl, Director
Division of Environmental Quality
P. 0. Box 1368
2010 Missour _ Boulev.L:·d
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
Dear Mr. Odendahl:
Attached please find a copy of a l~tter and re~~·
lution that I received from Mayor Bill Abram o[
the City of Bridgeton, St. Louis County. Although
I realize the Nuclear Regulatory ~orrunission has
responsibility for disposal of radjoactive waste
materials, I would appreciate your responding to
Mayor Abram and advising with regard to Missouri’s
role, if any, i~ this area.
Thanks for yo~r help.
Edwin L. flirck
CLO: ls
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