1966-08-04 – AEC – Health Physics Analysis – Continental Mining and Milling Co


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of t~is ins pee t ion. !he majo-c di fGcul ty noted was the lad~ o£ pre-
.cauti o~s by t fle licensee to secure the sto r.1gc locati.on of this
mcc..,l· i :: l. Like,:i.s!ssatj’ Htrvc-ys to
!ihOtf that this r.~acc t·.i.6 visit, the licensee
t.:d cor~ec ted ;;b:ce of t:,e itc::~s c::.:-:c !-.<>d achieved parttol col!lpliance
~ nd t he; 1·1ords “Cuution ~ tt.!..::~oactive t-:a~eri. al” were not ,;,ounted as
needed a3d locks wetc not ~ei~g placed on the eates .
n:e only matter of a poor h~alth physics practi ce noted durLng these
th~ transpC:rt vehicles . The licc:-. :::~e “‘~S t:y i ng t o correct this conditi.
on by keeping the tt~;cks loaded to o:-.:y th::e.: quarters of the allo~.table
h~ig ~t and/or. toe pl~cem~ nt of si~~ boa::d5 on the venicl~s. The licensee
has tall~: chis has
11\Jl teria L ch.::t ha,s lod~ed on c:hz ou ~sice of che be.d on ledges and extendin&
truck bed”‘. \,’hen ;:he v~hicl.:. ::.hen n::~k:::s a con,r.:r, this falls off.
!he licensee’s scbcontractors, tn~ ~tansporti~g contractors, have hired
a man full ti~e co ~ravel along ~his route in a pickup truck and using a
broom and shov~l, clean up this fallen ~:;aterial. Since the conce•,tration
and radi~tio~ levels in this materia ~ is so lo~, this can hardly be considered
a =~~~acion hazard.
The licc n~~e currently has a survey p rog~am in operation which is not
e~:ensivc, bvt is adeGuate to show that a radiation and contamination
~rob l c~ ~ocs not exist.
4\-.;;:refo>c, it ._~ ~he: opinion of thi.s inspecto-c that the prog-ram at tl\e
p::escnt time cal\ be ‘– .. 3idercd safe fro:n a radiological hazard st<>ndpoint,
( c .’ .’•'( ,’- 1: ~·:·). 1
591 ·,~_v
1. J.~cc,~:: ee, _ _ _____ _..C:..o.:n_t _i _rtc_n_t :l_l _?l_i n_l •:::::z_&_.’ti_l _l i•-‘S:::….C_o_m…. ;P:…·~n..;y:.._ ____
2 . .. ~.,:'”.:\!:;~ :’ ~’ South La S:.!!c S~~:~c c ·————– ·————————- • Chic;.go, Ii L::.: _.; 60604
3. ~~~~~l~ ~o(: ) ___________~·–~_-e~2 ___________________________________ L • r. • I AL”!llSI: 4 , 1966
• w~~~ ~( L~~ ?~CC -G~—–~——————————————
3. t ~~:;ector _____________o_ a_ v_i_ d_L_.,~s_c_e_r_ _________________________
6 . S ~ c :;;.; :; o f c(.~l;’ll i.:·:.cc __N_ o_n_c_om_.:.p_l_i<_-_nc_e_ __ ____ ____________ _ _ 7. S'-!ct:.er) o.Z t\~:;u!..::.:.: ~on C.J~Cllilo PO\"D ~rs ~il 0 :" l~e~ncc Condit~ ~n A 10 ~ FR 20. J.OS A 1?.3 s 10 CfR 2C , 20 1 e Lie . Cond. 6 3 e4 c 12 cr:-s 2Q. ?-03(-l.-} c . ;>. 5
D 10 C:’Lll. .,J 3{e} (2) D “-‘1
E …..1.\..S(lri:;;P- CondU:ior. 9 2 21
G c
Clr.s s ~. ~ied :t:-:1 ;:c: … ::: t £on
.- !” );I
;,.,. ~~
~ -… (‘I?
\ ,,
‘ r”J …
,r .
. :r.: · .: :…. -: — t :j
~ C…..J., •
• –
\ ‘ ~ .. _ /
• C0~:’! ~:\::, 7.:.:, ~IINil{G & MII..Lf.NC CO.
· .cii1.aco, XLLl:-::ots
L:.:c:::-:s-s •~o . s~~-S62
9. ‘i:,is is ;;:a io: ici..:~ i.ns;>-~cti on of the licc:~seG <1r:.d vis i t s h;tVe heeo con• ,:uc~euse Su perintendent
X:. Joseph J. Do::~avan, C:xecutiv ~ Vice- President
lZ . An unan~ou:1ceci vis it ~o~as ::;:…::~ co the licensee ‘ s faci li.ti es i n Ha7.e l\lOOd ,
Kissouri, on X~y 16, 1966. A v~si: ~as ~~de to the office o f Kr . Jcseph
J. Dor..svan, Chicago, Illir.ois, o1: •. :;;.y 17, 1966. The ! nformat!.on oi i:hese
v isit::: i.s cover.ed in o:1 ii’..;. .. i:::; :-:. . a::::o dated Hay 27, 1966. Details of these
vi.si t s a.re <• i so cov"'-::~d i~ this •~po·:-t:, a.-:~ iterr.s oe noncorr.;> liance t.;i th
s:..sbs cq~.: ont,._ .!lct:ior:s .:r2 .. -~~::..-./• c()>Je-.:cd.
13 . On }:.arch 14′ 2.’>.5.5~, the Region !!1 oftice IJeS noafie.d by H. Fred Belcher’
Han3.get: , St. :..o~..:..s a~ea AE·~ o~-:..ce, ~~.l.ldon Springs, Mis souri, that the ore
t”esidues ot t:c.e St. LouL:. ai-.:po~:: had bcae.n sold t o Co t’\t’i.ne.n~al Hinin~ and
Hilling Com~any, and that n:ovement of this materi al from that site shollld
be~~o with:n a 2 month period. This material movement wa$ begun on or around
~fay 1, 1966 .
14. As of August 4 ,1966,34 , 000 tons of t h e Congo :residueSand 25,000 ton& of
the Colorado residues b~·.-~ been moved from tne s t o::a ge location at 50 t;ro'”-n
Ro ~d, Rooerts:on, Hissouri, to the Continental Mini nB ~nd M.i.ll.ing facility
a:: 9ZOO L~;:oximately half of the m:•tcrial that is to be moved,

~) • I ‘ ~
3000 ::. : .s p~t d;ly. I.e t1as esti.Dlat~d by the licen s~e til;r t tl:e moverucnt
of r’4 t..!ri~ls s!’.o;.~ld i,;2 co-::~plctcd by the c:-td of Septembcn~. Licensee cst
ie~;:e-.. th~t by the end of the t’aOV.!.”:lC:np.:my. A.ll .ha uli n~ is concuc tcc bc::\/al!tl che llours of 7:30 .’. ‘.{ 0:1d 4:00 PM co :.s t o r:ot b~ ~:~volved
sourrou~.d the s tor.:ag ~ ;>:ilce in RobeTtsor., Xi:;11ouri .
l’l. to date, the :.i<:.ensee ~as dcne no ~n::occ ssin : of the matl3rials, bu:: has ~er r.~ated.al f:or this lic€:r.se,/~::-;.:o licc::seii>’s facility is locat:eC: on a
3.5 .;;ere p:,):: of g:-o:.~nd ,.,:,ich tha license.;. p;.:rchased f::::o;a the Busy Bee
l~c:tcr~al Serv.i::a Cor..?lmy and 7.5 acr~s which the licensee leased fro:n the
Xo::-~olx a;::,d H.::>stetn Railway Compgr.y, :;’liS ~:c.::. is located at 920~ ‘2-c.tty
A·,•c:1u:2, H:;ze l\lood. t·:issouri, tir.cr« Latty Av”nue dead ile storage area
a~d :::-:.: ;no~..:ctioa buildir.gs. License Conciiacn 9 S?ecl.fl.es that the
transfer of source r~atc:::-~.:1 to tr.,~ l:.censee’s P.a~ehJood, Hissouri, site
is not authorized until fencin~ ~~c locked gates h~ve been insta:lec in
acco:::dance with the licer;!;.:;:~’s mcrr.o dated Fcbrary S, 1966. At the time
of this insyector’s visit t~ the licensee’s facility on May 16, 1966, it
“”G.S ~oce.c ·~hat t”t\e fe.nca had been erected upon the stock pile storage ao:ea,
b~~ ~~~ticns of th~ fence and c~~tain of the gates had been removed for
eE.::e of entrance to the stock pile a1:ea by the ttansfet: vehicles. At that
time, ~ate”ial was being transferred to the licensee’s Hazelwood facility
G.;.~ ~Jas oeing stock piled and stored at th$t location. therefore, the
_ ~~~see ~ in ~oncompliance with Lice~se Condition 9 in that t~~ transfer
of ~~~eri~l was initiated ana the matctial was stored at the Hazelwood,
___Y.Lssouri, ~ita .prior to co~;>letion of the fencine and installation oC the
l o::ks . License Cor.·7as unattended. \{e in(ono.~cd
::h\s i :~spector t ho’lt that: was no t being oonc at that t i,me. . Therefore, com-
;>lHe COtllpliance \lith License Co’:lc:.tion 9 had no:: been ach.£eved as of
•· .. : ~us :; 4, 1966.
no\: th :;>or~ion of the ~ste;.:;: sect~.-n of the ~nd.l ity. This building is
used as an ofi:ice ·b.Jildi-:-:g and is locatec! outside of the. fenced areas.
Tha licensP.e h:1;; ~ l~rg.:l t::~t<'ll fabri.catio:\ building under construction to t1~e so:J ~':. of the office bui ldi. ng ;;o 'be used as a proc!uc tion facility. 'I'his 'bul.lcing is located •~i.t.hi.n t'he (er.c:e tatcd ~h arrel
s~vn ….. ~ area ::..·.~i.cated a:1 average of 0 , ;: ·;~· /hr at ~8 inches from the bat·rels
with a ~::.:.::1::-.u;n oi 10 mr /hr at 18 inches from the barrels . The maxirr.um radi at
:.on level detected at the surface of any barrel o;.~z.s 90 mr./:-.r , 7herefore,
\. .. :e..~·
– .~:i s ted i;’l the un-res trict:(Od areas arcurid the b.nrel s to·r age area such that
a ~ ~t.6ividual could ~eceive a cose in excess of those limits S?ecified ia
;::,is part. .i.e was noted during the revisit on Augvst 4 , t966, ::hat the
perim<:::cr fence had been extended to i.ncl~tce thi.s ban:el storage ;t:;ea, making it a portion of t~~ restricted area. ~- - 5 - 2(,.. At ti~.! ti~c of the v:..sit to the licensee's f<:~ci 1! ty on l':ay lG, 19o6, :-~o s i.sns of :tny t y;>e “~re posted in the are.a. Since the license Rlatliat:ce 1rith
10 en 20.~03(e}(2}, in that signs wari•·~ ~.!le conventional r”d!.ation
.:;.:; t.I.!3USt 4 , 19ii6 , that c~u~ ic:-. s:.g:-.s shc•.ting the ~onventionc.l l: :-.ot:ed that r.o s i gns shot•i.ng t”:-~e
conve:~::ion;.l. ray~’oo l no-:- t hr. worcs ”C.ou t ion or Dan~er • 1\;ldiation
A-:ea” hacl been ;os:ec S c~libra t~c by calculations for procedur es provided hy Nuclea•
Co~~~lt ~n ts Corpor ation such that the actual re~din’ i n counts per ~~nuce
when ~u lt i; lied by 5 . 56 is e~ual t o d~~ per 100 centimecer square.
n \ /
– 6 ~
!-“el>;:.:::y 4, l\166, rafy 16, 1966 visi:: to the licensee’s f::cility, u: ‘dngs facili.tics .
.12. A~:;·,cu:;h t:,e ra.diation levels as c.:!.:.:.ct~cl i.n the :;urvey by Nuclelacad w~ekly film badges on all t>ersonnel and
::’!’.~s~ ~le average bet;..reen 0 and 20 :nrc::~. Some filrn badges
shot»ed ex~osures as high as 4o’ mrem for a single week. The licen~ee indicated
to this inspector that they :1ad so::~e doubts about the Nuclear Cons~
lt~nt Co::-?or~tion film badg~ service since ~ bas~ci on the r~diatio~
:C.:.ve l:s. ~l:totr.. f::om the surv-js, they did r~ot see :·.o>~ people cou lo:l be gc tting
~!..-. ~. . t th~ t!.r.””:e of the vi.si t on. May 16, 1960 • it was note.d that small clumps
of .-::ceri..;.l nad .fallen fro:n the tr~nsport vehicles to the ro<1dway bett~een the t..:c -.:cilities. Radioactivity up to 1 mrad/nr was detected :tt contact ' ' .. '. - s - .,:::.;:;:, ::1:-::s~ ch .. ~tps. ·rhe situ.:1tion W3S cli.scus:>cd ~>i.th the liccncce. .:Jt that:
tb:c, .w.d chc licensee stGt:Cd t:h.:J\: <1ll cf(o.t ‘ec::o~ \·:as at th~ Uc.a•.see’ .. s facility, .orr&
nge::-,_ .. .:s tt~re mace for ~ s~·:~et .::·.·c.;:. de::: and $\lee pet: to pro~e~q 11i t!l the
cleanup of ::::~ -coacibcds.
35. In ~h~ Ciisc’..lssions ~1ith these inC:ividl.lals, i.: vl!s explained that it was
their :aspo~sibility as the licensee, not the responsibility of the s~b-
-.;)n::r<.cto::.:s (materi.al h.:;.~ leo}, to see t'hat this materia 1 was n.ot scattered througiloct ::1-.e unrestt:icted areas. The lice:· .... .:.e stated that they realized t:O:is, .and t:'ley i.' _·e doing every t:!-.~ng they cct:lG to insure that the ~:~ate:-ial haule~s would cooperac~. ~·:censee ;.~aintains recv-rds of the material t:: .·.sported it\ the form of for ~---· · :::\e. vehi.cles. 'Every third veh;;..;:le ht~uling licensee's facility is wcighed0 loaded al\d again empt<::::>~·
~-;.·-., ….. ~ •• ~ :he weight of n:aterial being h.:;.~led on that load. This eveeyn
\ . .. .. ·’
.. .. ef .:
~ 9 –
l’:l~·/h;: at t:.e f ence . lin-a .::·oc.:nd ti1o·.:t vehicle s rcve<~ l c.:; lhoc t he r adiation lP.vel i n the csb oi t:· . .: truck er.d ;:;rou=td the ou\:side of the ve;,icle ~.:as l ess Cl:on 0 .1 mr/hr . Li:>eltise, a survey of the ~,:r.cin~ secu red when ~o<: a tten:lc :>~.:r t~ co'”i> 1~ with that licens-e condition. Y.r. Knockc stated lh<1 t .-:..'.:.:; h~ .:!:'t'l!~ t! t lt3t t.::..:..;.:; otast w wi;~t: the l;.c~:-.43 co~di t ion ctc;ons and that potn~cd out to ~ir. :{:-:.ockc that they ap?ear cci to ba in noncoo?li<:nce t·ri;;h 😮 C7., 20. 20J{c)(2) i n that the sigt>s s::ot~i.:ig the tJo).·ds “Cnution R~di.o:~ctiv e
}:tt e:.:!.cl” tJ~r e not posted around t h~ pcrir.;~ C:er area. in \Jhich ~his i.1<>te~: ial
•.:….::…:::..::.-~-· • – ·- ..;· in t h.s t t’:-,c ~rca <>.::our.ci .:.he t>att’e l stor.,~c .l”:”C,, hod be~~ .
;:;, •• ..$!, ~. ; l·
4 :-“~ ~~tion ;;.:::ea <>.nd no s i ;;nsj <..s such hac :Jce:1 up :tC that l:i~e; but at the +J..'.J ~).::-;: of t he •\ugust 4, 19.>6 v ~s i.t, <'~;: h:.G ~~;::1. cor~ccLed. Li:..c~.rise, the ftct .:~a t :::1 ~ s uas a ·c astric~~G a '!:..:a, or sr.ould have bc~n' a restt·::cted atea, 1•/1\S r:.)CCtl cueing the ea~:ly visit, o.H: the!: llS of t hic August 4• vis!t , thi s area hod bec :1 e.:c1cs cd -.;.Jit.h a \:<;.r.c~ anc es such, was no11 a r eseri::c:ed a rea. 1;).th 'License. Co\\d:!.tion 8 ar.d 10 CF.~ 20. 201 i:1 ~ h :tt s u ·~vcys l•ere not. 'o~ ing ".; J;, e ;:() nducted a: ~he t.·•IO Locatio::s s.:-tdfa~ivi 'I:.J.t>.s being t:;’lor:dence f r om the Commissi o:l, and Forms AEC-591 llnd 592
42. !·lr. J. J, ~n.:. .-an, Vice-President , was co:.::acced by telephone 3t his
Chica&o of:.: ;c. on Augus t 5, 1966 . The items noted during tl~h inspe c t ion
\1ere r eviewed w:i th hita a t t hat time. Be stated that as of Augus t 5 , l ocks
had bye~ placed on t he ga tes and would be locked ~en not i~ atte nda nc e,
” ~ . ·.s h~