1944-11-28 – Manhattan Project – Security Lapses at Mallinckrodt Chemical Works


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This docm~en’ consists Of. •••.~ • ••.p ages(,.;/ ‘.•
No ~ A~ __ I-__ ~ of. ~ _ CGY:·o;::. ::~-::.!,j.e3. __ y.,.~-·~
P. O. Box 6770·A
28 November 1944 “ill > ill
r< z Q SUBJECT: ~ « Safeguarding Military Information, Mallinckrodt Chern ~ Works, St. Louis, Missouri. ~ TO: The Area Engineer P. O. Box 42, Station F New York, New York « ~ u ill o >.
5H>~”‘ct;;:””””—c-4QI z
Through: Lt. D. S. Teeple, P. O. Box 42, Station F, ~
New York, New York. s- ill .”…
1. In accordance with request from your office, special, 8:;
attention was given to the safeguarding of military informatiou·_””-‘—‘-;.-=-:.:.-..:.-:;:….::,
during a recent Security Survey of Subject facility by b~. G. W.
Wheaton of this office.
2. It was learned that onl9 October 1944, the former St~ Louis
Area Engineer sent to the contractor a request that the guards make a
nightly inspection of all desk surfaces for exposed classifiedinformation
end of all files and safes to determine that the;v had been
properly locked. .
3. This proposal was rejected by the contractor on 7 November
1944, as it was not desired to have guards inspeot papers on desks
because most of the people interested in the M.E.D. work also are
engaged in other Mallinckrodt acthities. At the same time a bulletin
was sent to all key personnel on the project that all classified information
must be securely locked up at night.
4. A night inspection was made by Mr. Wheaton with Intelligence
Agent, M. F. Game of the main offices of the project in Building No. 25
and of the office in Plant No.4. It was found that all safes and
filing cabinets were properly locked where locka were provided.
5. However, in Building No. 25, inspection of the contents of
four,. desks which were not locked revealed such secret manuals as:
~’ ‘. a. Tube Alloy Process Report
j b. Control Tests for Special Products
l” ” /c. Ether Extraction Studies
~(0 ‘\ .~( . -1-,; d. Ignition Temperature of Green Salt-Magnesium
~ “‘,”<... rb Mixtures and Related Subjects. \~\ ~ . .' ~\~. ...,. \" , ~; ,sr~:r0\~'r-!l. ¢' [ \~C\.\. JI"\S S\FlED .. ~ ~-~ ~-t , ' ~r jOq /'30 EIDM CIP-l 28 November 1944 SUBJECT: Safeguarding Military Information, MallincY..rodt Chemical Works, St. Louis, Missouri. 6. Also, in these desks was found material which was not classified, but which properly should have been, such as: a. Shipping Schedules for Chemioals 306 and 264. b. New Procedures for North and South Extractors o. Control Tests fqr Manufaoturing Tube Alloy . . 7. While the office in Building 25 is visited hourly by a patrolling guard, it is readily adcessible to personnel working nights in the Mallinckrodt Chemical Works; but who have no oonnection with the M.E.D. projeot. 8. In the office of Plant No.4, considerable classified material and muoh that should have been olassified was found on top of desks, in open desks, and in a file oabinet not equipped with a look. This material comprised various operating prooedures used in Plant No. 4 and also Daily Reports and Tally Sheets showing the exact daily production of shippable ingots. 9. This offioe is in the well-guarded Plant No.4, accessible on+Y to cleared employees, but at night it is not regularly oooupied, and personnel not authorized to have classified information would be able to obtain it without any restriotion. 10. A conference was held 21 November i944, attended by Lt. E. M. Velten, Area Engineer; Mr. J. Fistere, Jr. Projeot Direotor; Mr. H. E. Thayer, Assistant Projeot Direotor and Seourity Agent; Dr. Harrington, Manager, Plant No.4; Mr. Game and Mr. Wheaton. . 11. It was learned that the management had felt that the storage of olassified material in locked desks provided satisfactory seourity and that suoh material in Plant No. 4 did not need any speoial seourity because of the guard proteotion. It was also brought out that there had never been any established prooedure for olassifying data on production figures and operation methods unless prepared for mailing or as a formal report or manual. 12. After a thorough discussion, it was agreed that a survey would be made by Mr. Thayer and an assistant, Mr. S. Anonsen, to determine if additional locked file oabinets are needed and every effort will be' made to store olassified information in accordance with . Intelligence Bulletin No. ;. 13. A bulletin will be issued by Mr. Thayer to all personnel advising that any and all notes, reports, letters, production records, drawings. eto. should be properly classified where furnishing a true pioture ;f the daily produotion of various materials, quality beir~ produced and desoriptions of processes and operating procedures. C:[~ ~nk..1 , " EIDM CIP-l SUBJECT: Safeguarding Military Information, Works, st. Louis, Missouri. 28 November 1944 Mallinokrodt Chemioal 14. Mr. Thayer am Mr. Anonsen will regularly review with all personnel affeoted, the proper olasSifioation am storage of material for which they are responsible. 15. It was also agreed to adopt a system whereby a speoifioally designated employee in each offioe will be responsible to see that safes am files are properly locked each night am that all olassified information is removed from desks. 16. It is expected that the management of this projeot will oooperate in every way possible to oorreot the oonditions disoussed at this oonferenoe. 17. The next morning Mr. Thayer made a careful study of comitions in Plant No.4. A locked vault is to be provided adjoining the guardls headqu81-ters on the first floor for all information ofa olassified nature which is no longer regularly used, and that kept in the office is to be stored in seourely looked cabinets. Material will be properly ol~qsified in the future in this office, it was promised. 18. Mr. Game made another night inspection 24 November 1944, am found tangible evidence that improvements are already in progress. In the Projeot Offioe in Building No. 25, no classified material was found in the desks where readily acoessible earlier in the week. However, Mr. Yeager, who has been one <:if the leading offenders was foundto have olassified material in his desk whioh was looked but easily opened. Seourity Agent Thayer gave positive instruotions to Mr. Yeager the next day that he absolutely must make use of the looked filing oabinets provided in this office. 19. In the office in Plant No.4, two filing cabinets were found to have been provided with bars and padlocks. A similar secure looking arrangement had been provided on the right hand drawers of one of the desks in this office. No classified information was found on or in open desks. The production tally sheets are now locked in a filing cabinet at night. 20. The filing cabinet in the Engineering Department where classified drawings are kept is now equipped with a substantial bar am padlock device. . 21. Personnel in the various office sections have already been given seourity talks by Mr. Thayer am he am Mr. Anonsen will continue to check that security regulations are being enforced. -3- ~t:~ i j. j . I,. . r EIDM CIP-1 28 November 1944 SUBJECT: Safeguarding Military Information, Mallinckrodt ChemicaJ. Works, st. Louis, Missouri. 22. The Security Survey covering Subject facility is being forwarded this date to the St. Louis Area Engineervdth an extra copy for Mr. Th~er, who has agreed to follow all of the recomniendations therein, relating to Safeguarding Military Information. 23. It has been quite difficult because of an inadequate description to' locate a reported Mallinckrodt employee who is said to have made the statement to an informant that he worked "in the Uranium Plant", but Intelligence Agent Game will continue to work on this case and when fovxrl, caution the violator against loose talk. '24.' Such instanees of loose talk among 'employees at this project have been rare during the past few months. The security education program at this facility consists of a large number of well-chosen pOsters displ~ed throughout the project areas, and reminders are issued each month on payday on the importance of Safeguarding Military Information. ' 25. Intelligence Agent Game will continue to report everywo weeks on progress being made at this facility. Now that a definite program has been established by the contractor, a material improvement in security conditions ia anticipated. • I. Officer cc: Lt. Col. W. B. Parsons, P. O. Box E, Oak Ridge, Tenn. cc: Mr. M. Frank Game, P. O. Box 36, Bremen Station, St. Louis, Mo.