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Date Download
1984-03-06 – St. Louis Contamination Removal Program Must Remain Under Local Control
  1 files      41 downloads
1986-02-28 – City of St. Louis Health Department – Contamination in St. Louis area
  1 files      65 downloads
1978-06-16 – NRC Memorandum – Removal of Contaminated Soil from Latty Avenue to Weldon Spring
  1 files      104 downloads
2014-05-01 – EPA – USACE – West Lake Landfill – Haul Road Information
  1 files      36 downloads
1972-12-05 – Cotter Corporation – Decontamination of Latty Avenue Storage Site, Hazelwood Missouri
  1 files      45 downloads
1960-06 – USGS – Possible use of the quarry at Mallinckrodt Weldon Spring for the disposal of Uranium contaminated building debris, rubble and residues containing Thorium
  1 files      39 downloads
1969-01-16 – AEC – Response to Cotter Request to dispose of Barium Sulfate Residues at Weldon Springs
  1 files      118 downloads