About The Archives

Environmental Archives is a noncommercial, free to the public on-line library that promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law by providing a centralized digital archive for:

(1.) historic records of various non-profit organizations and members of the public working on environmental issues;

(2.) and copies of thousands of records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act requests filed with various State and Federal Government Agencies.  These records include historical documents, relevant news items, photos, transcripts and videos.

The Archives provide members of the public with a diverse and rich source of knowledge to assist them in their intellectual and creative endeavors in response to environmental issues.  The site and materials are made available to the public for reference, any concerns about the contents of the site should be directed to the State or Federal Agency identified as originating the record in question.

Readers may contact Environmental Archives to suggest new documents or collections that should be submitted for inclusion in the archives.

Readers may also request individual records or collections of records be physically produced on  CD, thumb drive, or printed formats, but may incur search and duplication fees depending on request.



In 2011, Enformable began hosting FOIA documents related to significant events at foreign and domestic nuclear facilities, including the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan, the shutdown of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in California, and the earthquake at the North Anna Nuclear Power Plant in Virginia.

Between 2011 and 2016, Enformable published thousands of transcripts, e-mails, reports and other communications online, but there was limited ability to easily sort and search within the documents.

In 2016, Enformable received a grant to create and develop a new digital platform (Environmental Archives) to host FOIA records and other important historical documents from non-profit organizations and members of the public related to a wide range of environmental issues.  During the course of development, it was determined that there was also a need for the storage and management of historical documents for many non-profit organizations and individuals around the world that have worked on environmental issues for decades.  These historic documents are rarely available on-line, and the public could benefit from easier access to these records.



Lucas W. Hixson

Head Librarian


The Acting Librarian is responsible for the entire Archive, to ensure the ease and effectiveness of use and the long-term plans for archival and preservation responsibilities.


Elizabeth Eden

Research Services


Research Services is responsible for receiving new document collections and preparing them for integration with the Archives.

Jerry Hepperle

Lead Developer


The Lead Developer works with the Acting Librarian to develop and improve the Archives and user experience.